Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This post might gross you out.

Seriously, it might. So if you are eating, close this page and come back later.
I gave you as much warning as I could.

Ok, here goes. Want to know what Dani Do It got to do yesterday? Let's start with this: I firmly believe that pets are a great "practice" method for possibly having kids someday. Your pet depends upon you for their survival, health and happiness. You need to love them, take care of them and raise them. They will also test you on occasion. I think dogs are probably the best "practice" for kids because they are tougher than most other common pets like cats, fish, hamsters, etc. (Disagree? got a more difficult animal to care for? I don't know since I have only really had dogs, feel free to comment!) Last night, Oscar gave Anthony and I a run-through test of gross-ness. I'm not sure we are ready, but at least we worked well as a team. Here goes:

Yesterday, I come home from work, open my door and smell....poo. Stinky, smelly poo.

Ok, so Oscar had an accident. It does happen on occasion. He sometimes gets sick and he just can't hold it. Speaking of Oscar, he is standing right by the door.
Shaking, ears down, tail down and his whole body is just quivering. He looks really unhappy. I walk in very carefully trying to find where the mess is so I won't step in it. I find it in the hallway. Ok, first things first, let's get Oscar outside.

I take him out and he is still really unhappy. He does his business #1 and tries for #2, but nothing happens...which is very odd. He never does that "pose" without pooping. We go back inside and I make him wait by the door. He still looks miserable and gladly stays by the door. I get the papertowels and cleaning solution and start to clean up the's everywhere. The smell is overwhelming. It is obvious to me that this wasn't simply an accident, my puppy is ill. While I am on my hands and knees, I look down the hall to the kitchen...and the living room...where there is more...a LOT more.

At this point I physically lost it. I was queasy to begin with and well, now I had another mess to clean up. I spent about 30 minutes cleaning up everything. (My floors are nice and shiny and clean now! They got a hands and knees scrubbing!)

I have opened the windows and lit a yankee candle. The smell has gotten better, but I swear I can still smell poo. I take the garbage bag with all of the gross stuff and I go back down the hallway towards our spare room where Anthony and I are now sleeping while he works on our master bathroom. The smell is worse down here. (which is why it was so strong when I came home, our entry to the condo is closer to this bedroom.)

I walk in the bedroom and discover the biggest mess of all. Right next to our bed. On the carpet. OH MY GOD GROSS!!!

Anthony came home from work to find me trying to clean up this mess. Lucky for us, we have a carpet shampooer. Unlucky, we let a friend borrow it. Lucky, they were home and Anthony was able to go over there and pick it up. I cleaned up the mess on the carpet to the best of my ability while Anthony picked up the carpet cleaner.

While he was gone, Oscar puked twice. it's coming out of both ends.

Anthony came home with the cleaner and finished our bedroom. I had to put our duvet cover in the washer machine. Yup, he didn't get it on our bed or mattress (thank you!!) but it did get a little on the corner of the duvet cover. Anthony's theory is that Oscar was sleeping on our bed, woke up with an emergency situation and jumped off the bed in time. Thank you Oscar. :)

(btw...we don't let Oscar sleep on our bed, he sneaks on it while we aren't home. We are aware of this and he wouldn't dare jump up there while we are home.)

For the rest of the night we took Oscar out as frequently as we could. He had a few more accidents (stuff coming out of both ends, all liquid) but by the end of the night I got him to at least aim for the paper towel I put on the floor when puking. What a smart doggie!

We are hoping that he is feeling better today. If not, we will need to take him to the vet. We are guessing he ate something bad, but we are not sure what. We have a few things in the house that dogs can't eat, but we are both very careful to make sure he doesn't get any. I'm worried that we may have dropped something on the floor and not realized it. He wouldn't eat it if we were there, but would go into the kitchen looking for food after we left, definitely.

Things dogs should not eat:
macadamia nuts

I know those ones off the top of my head. If you have any more leave a note in the comments.

So sorry if I grossed anyone out. But I did warn you. That was my night last night. I didn't get to go to boxing, I obviously didn't eat dinner and it wasn't a very fun evening for anyone.

Although later in the night Anthony made some jalapeno rice balls that were incredibly yummy! :)


Tara Hamond said...

Our dog Lily has problems with turkey. Unfortunately, when she was a puppy we were feeding her a food that had turkey as a primary ingredient. So did the second food we switched her to. For a while, she was getting baths twice a day, it was so bad. I was so thankful that we were crating her, because we'd come home (or wake up) and her whole crate would be like a war zone. And the smell- it's out of this world.

I hope Oscar is ok!

Dani said...

Cool! Hey Tara! Tell Jeremy I said hello! I didn't know you read my blog! I love lurkers! :)

I have attached to your blog now as well. It sounds like you know exactly what I went through last night. :(

Jo said...

That's why smart Mommys learn very quickly to close doors. Any door that doesn't need to be open, the condo is big enough without a room with carpet being exposed to gross-ness when your dog is sick....poor Oscar. :(

Hmmm, we never let Mickey, as smart as he was, loose in the house, when we were gone. He was trained to stay out of the rooms with carpet, but he only obeyed, when we were there! Remember the sneeking?

Now maybe you will understand that my rules for no dogs in/on carpeted rooms, has more to do with Accidents than the dog.

Sorry it made you sick. Hope he is better today.

Speaking of Oscar... have you heard some of those new hurricane names, yuck ;)

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