Friday, October 29, 2010

The 50th Grilling

My husband has a goal.

Okay, my husband has many goals.  He wants to be a billionaire, own a Ferrari and live in Italy.  He also wants to run his own business, create the world's best grill and many many more.   Lucky for him, he is not just a dreamer, he is also a hard worker and very motivated.

One of his shorter term goals is to grill 100 times before the end of this year.  He is starting to run out of time, but he has grilled 49 times.  He has been looking for something special to grill for the 50th grilling.  He is a foodie and an incredible chef (lucky me!) and he can't just grill a hamburger for this monumental and special grilling occasion.

Yesterday he sent me a link to what his 50th grilling should be.

So I clicked on the link, looked at the picture and immediately thought "gross!".   (I had also just eaten that strawberry yogurt I talked about yesterday and I *thought* I was still hungry for more food, but I quickly changed my mind when I saw the picture.)

Okay,  a little background information for you:
I am not a vegetarian.  I have thought about being one a few times.  I love animals.  I can't stand the thought of any living creature in pain.  (I don't kill spiders either...if it's possible to move them outside I do, or send my husband after them.  He always kills them.)   So when I eat my food, I prefer it to not resemble the creature it once looked like.  Then it's easier for me to not think of that cute little lamb who was sacrificed for Anthony's 50th grilling.  Lucky for me, I'm friends with someone who is married to an actual REAL farmer.  And instead of listening to the crazy people at PETA, I got a real answer from an agricultural source that actually raises the animals we eat.  I also suggest you visit a farm or meet someone who raises animals for food.   They LOVE their animals.  Just as much as I would hope they do.   And they treat them well.

Happy animals  =  good food.    Good food = Happy Dani.  Especially while pregnant.  I think am ready for a snack.....


Back to the story:

So I sent him a note back. 
(note my awesome MUTTS comics Ying Yang symbol!)

Here is our conversation:

  me: ugh  I didn't need the picture
  Anthony: why not?
  me: it's a baby sheep! I don't want to see it's ribs
  Anthony: tacos are just baby quesidillas you know
  me: LOL

**End Conversation**
I will never look at tacos the same ever again.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Posture and why I'm not moved yet.

I'm going to start today's post discussing posture.  This is something we normally don't think about unless our back hurts or our moms or grandmothers tell us to "sit up straight!".   I noticed the past two weeks that my back is bothering me.  Usually when this happens it is due to weight gain or a lack of exercise.

And of course, I am gaining weight and I am exercising a little less than my "normal" routine.  (Normal for me was trying to lose weight so it meant sweating profusely and making other people get tired just looking at me.)  The weight gain is minor.  I think I am up about 6 pounds from when I first got pregnant.  When my back hurt before, it was from gaining weight when I was already over my ideal weight.  The reason this causes back pain is because the added bulk puts strain on the muscles that have to support your core.  This means your stomach muscles, lateral muscles and BACK muscles all need to work harder to support that extra weight.  So just like when your muscles are sore after a really good (very hard!) workout, your muscles are sore from the "workout" of holding up your extra weight.   This doesn't mean you are fat or overweight.  It just means your body is suddenly supporting more than it used to.

But I don't think I have gained so much weight that my back hurts.  I think that my body is now adjusting to the growing baby in the front.  Everything is getting shifted around and pushed up and my body will soon be off balance.  But the real reason I think my back is hurting?  Poor posture.

I noticed the other day that I am starting to get the "pregnancy" pose.  Do you know what I mean?  You see pregnant women, backs slightly arched, pelvis tipped down in the front, usually holding their lower backs.  I did a little research on this, and what I found out is that you DO NOT want to give in to this.  I have always thought I had pretty good posture, but this body is changing in ways I cannot control.  (the food!  gimme more food!)

So starting today, I am making a concentrated effort on standing up straight.  Sitting up straight and keeping my pelvis tipped the correct way.

My back feels better already!

In other good news, my co-worker gave me their strawberry yogurt.  And it didn't taste any yuckier than normal strawberry yogurt.  yay!  I am hoping this means I can go back to my plain greek yogurt...yum!
(In the beginning of my pregnancy, I couldn't stand the sight of it, even though prior to pregnancy I ate it every day, sometimes twice a day.)

And for those who are curious...why am I not all moved in?  We can now.  We have heat, we have hot water.  The majority of our belongings are over there.   But I refuse to go.  This is because Anthony is traveling for business today and tomorrow and won't be back until Saturday.

At first, I was all excited to move in last night.  And then I realized I was going to spend the first two nights at the new place ALONE.  In the dark.  In the woods.  Where the neighbors are close, but I can't see them from my house.  And Halloween was this weekend?!  No way dude!

I don't want to say that I am scared of the dark....oh who am I kidding, I'm terrified to be alone in the dark. :)

I also haven't been alone in a building in almost ten years.  I have been living in apartment buildings and condo buildings.  There was always at least someone in the building.   So I wasn't doing it alone.

So Oscar and I are camping out at the condo with just the bed, the tv's (I wasn't moving those in yet either) and a suitcase until Saturday morning.

And THEN we will finally be moved in.  After my dentist appointment.  And after I help my sister move.  And my friends Katie and Jeff.  Okay, and then we have to unpack.  But we will be living there!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's raining babies!

...or at the moment it's raining pregnant ladies who are all due to give birth in the spring.

I now know 7 people besides myself that are expecting.  Today I decided to write down everyone's names and due dates so that I can keep track of them.  Seriously, it's that many.   And another friend from high school just had a baby girl last week, 10/21.   Crazy.

Here are the due dates in my social circle:  (I used mom's first initial)

S - 1/17/2011 (boy)
K - 3/2/2011 (boy)
A - 3/7/2011(boy)
D - 3/23/2011   me.   :)
T - 3/24/2011 (girl)
A - 4/7/2011 (not finding out until the birth day)
S - 5/4/2011 (boy, maybe, it's early)
K - 5/14/2011 (not finding out until the birth day)

Is that crazy or what?  I need to find a good deal on a bulk purchase of baby shower presents! :)  If anyone has any ideas for me, let me know!

Tonight Anthony and I do the *almost* final move of our stuff.  Tomorrow I will tell you why it's almost the final move and why it isn't the final move.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

My title of this post is my explanation for a lack of post yesterday.   The only thing I wanted to talk about yesterday was....ok, the only thing I wanted to WHINE and COMPLAIN about yesterday was the teasing, comments and advice about food and pregnancy.

So instead of whining and making a big deal out of a mole hill, I decided to not write anything at all.

I'm still going to address the issue, but hopefully in a more calm and nice manner.  (hormones were raging yesterday!)  Here is what led up to me losing my cool:

1. Someone showed me pictures of pregnant women online to show me how "huge" I was going to get.
2. Some people went maternity clothes shopping and the comments about how huge I was going to get kept coming.  Not only am I going to get a huge belly, but my arms and face and feet and everything else is apparently going to swell up like Violet in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.
3. I have been told that all the food I am eating now will catch up to me towards the end of the pregnancy.
4. This past weekend, some folks were teasing me about my hearty appetite and again all the comments about "getting huge".
5. Someone gave me some good advice about going for walks at my lunch break instead of a nap.  Apparently I didn't catch the part where this is going to help me stay awake.  I just caught that I needed some exercise instead of a nap.
6. And having three pieces of pizza will make me fat.  (Can I get an order of fries with that too?  plus dessert!)

Now, everything that has happened is harmless.  There was no harm or malice intended.  Most of what has been said is teasing and advice about pregnancy and food and exercise.

The problem is me.  I just lost 30 pounds before I got pregnant.  I already WAS huge.  I don't want to be huge again!  But I need to gain weight, that is what is healthy for the baby.  (My doctor has said between 15-20 pounds should be good.)  I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I need to gain weight.

And then, I am SO hungry!  All the time!  And if I go too long without food, it's like some alien being inside of me (I might start calling the baby "Alien") is controlling my body and mind and I HAVE to eat.  I seriously get this feeling of "if I don't eat, I will die."   And you can ask my sister, she gets a kick out of it, I get really whiny.

(my little sister used to be the whiner, now it's me!)

Basically, my problem is this:  I'm paranoid about my weight.  I now need to gain.  The teasing and advice are making me feel insecure about my body and my weight.   I'm still not showing and I still can't feel the baby inside of me.

From my point of view....what if I wasn't really pregnant?  What if I was just getting fat again?!

It didn't help that some of the fun and joking around this weekend included: "Are you sure you are pregnant?  Maybe you are faking it, where's your belly?"


So anyway, the problem is ME.  Not everyone else.

I'll be okay, but here is some teasing/advice back to everyone else:

Don't tease a pregnant woman about her weight, how big she is going to get or how much (or how little) she is eating.   A pregnant woman is already paranoid about not eating the right foods or getting the right nutrients and vitamins to her baby.  She is already worried about gaining too much weight or not gaining enough weight.

There is enough worry, and sometimes the teasing might just push a little too far for her very sensitive mind at the moment.

But hey, when this pregnancy is all said and done and I'm all skinny again, feel free to remind me of how much food I ate....haha, I'll probably miss that! :)

Mmmm...double cheeseburger...

Is it lunch time yet?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Duh. Why didn't I think of that?

I was talking to my mom briefly this morning and she had a suggestion for me.  For my next "belly picture" I should wear a clingy top, like a tank top, but something that clings to the body.  This way I will show off the belly and the changing shape without exposing my stomach.


I should have thought of that, so why didn't I?  Because I have baby brain.  I can't remember the simplest words anymore.  Yesterday, for the life of me, I couldn't recall the words "cached exchange mode".  I knew what it was.  I knew where to find it in Outlook or while creating a profile.  But I couldn't think of it.  At least my co-worker was able to pull that out of my head for me.  :)

Besides forgetting words and dropping things (always my keys!) the other symptom I am experiencing right now is exhaustion.  It could be because I just need to go to bed earlier.  (late nights packing and cleaning and laundry for the move) or that this baby is just making me tired.  Everyone who already has kids or a baby just laughs when I tell them how tired I am.  They have all informed me that it doesn't get better.  I am doomed to all eternity of being exhausted.   My new plan is to start taking naps during my lunch break and to make sure that I am in bed early every night.   I think this will help.  Until then, sleeeeepy.

This weekend my sister and I are headed north to have a "girls" weekend with our cousins. We are going to be shopping, going out to eat, and maybe checking out a haunted house.  My plan is to scream my head off and get really into it and scare the other people going through the house.   This way the people and things in the house won't scare ME.   That is because I scare easily and have nightmares.  I figure if I get in on the fun and view it as a joke, I shouldn't have a heart attack or go into early labor.  :)

What I will probably end up doing is annoying everyone else in that haunted house. hehehe.

Hopefully I won't have nightmares and I should get a good night's sleep this weekend as well.  I think I have yawned about 10 times just while writing this.  (and today's post is short!)  Oh well, I can sleep later right?  And everyone says you are supposed to nap when the baby naps right?   I think I'll try going to bed when the baby goes to bed too.  7pm bed time sounds good to me.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Belly Pictures

It occurred to me last night that I should probably start taking pictures of my belly's progress.  Lots of women take pictures of the expanding belly.  You can look it up on the internet.  Enter into your favorite search engine: "18 weeks pregnant" and you will get loads of all different sizes of belly.  This actually made me feel better.

Because I got nothing.  Except a little extra cushion.  I was on my way to a slim waist when I got pregnant, and now it just looks like I'm gaining back a little of what I lost.  Truthfully, I haven't gained that much, but I feel like it looks like I have.  I'm very sensitive about my belly.  I always have been.  Even when I had the body to show off a stomach, I never did.  I don't wear bikinis (I hate them!) and even through my obsession with Britney Spears, I have never worn mid-section baring shirts.  I don't like anyone to touch my stomach area either.  It skeeves me out.  I don't even like to let my husband touch my belly, it's like "Here, have a handful of flub!".

Even doctors touching my belly bothers me.  I'm really going to flip out when I start to have the pregnant belly and everyone wants to touch.  I hope not.  Hands off!  It's weird!  Why would you touch me?!   :)

So without further ado...belly picture!

Yes, I am sucking in my gut.  I could let it all hang out, but that ain't pretty.  Trust me, it isn't baby, it's just belly fat. :)  If I lie down on my back, I definitely have some "roundness" but when I am upright, my belly fat is hiding the baby for now. 

So now that I have officially posted one of the most embarrassing pictures of my life on the internet, I need to go breathe into a paper bag.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Apple Pie!

My sister and I made some apple pies last night.  Picture Time!

Here I am making the crust.  I almost look pregnant in this picture.  Too bad the shirt is just baggy and that is not an actual belly.  Well, it might be a belly, but it's a belly with fat, not baby.  (my baby is still tiny!)

Coincidentally (wow, did I spell that right?) I am wearing a maternity shirt today!  But that is because it is purple, and I wanted to wear a purple shirt today.  (Click here to see why.)

Here I am putting some holes in the top crust to let out the steam:

Here is the finished product.  YUM!

Oh, don't you want to taste this pie?!

If you really really really NEED to taste this pie, you can help Anthony move stuff this weekend.  I am sure he will be happy to share the pie, buy some pizza and provide some beverages. :)   Although, by the end of the day today, only half a pie might be left...hmmm, better help us out sooner! 

So now that you got to enjoy pie, I will finally share the book I was reading last week.  I was reading "Thirst: Volume 3".  This is the 7th book in a series of books that I read about 10-15 years ago.   This is a series by one of my all time favorite authors, Christopher Pike.   The series is called The Last Vampire.   I LOVED this series as a teenager and have re-read the series a few times as an adult.   Recently publishers re-released his books in a two volume set.  Thirst: Volume 1 contained books 1-3 and Thirst: Volume 2 contained books 4-6.   When I found out there was going to be a sequel I was beyond excited!  And then I was wondering how it would all happen, after all, book six ended with everything tied up in a neat little bow.  Without giving too much away (in case you decide to read these for yourself) I was very pleased with the explanation.   The ending I wasn't too sure about....but it leads to another sequel!   Or maybe in this case it is now a series. 

Anyway, Christopher Pike has a TON of young adult novels out there.  All are good short reads.  Well, short for me, I read fast.  I highly recommend his adult novels too, my favorite is Season of Passage.  The Blind Mirror and Falling were pretty good as well.   He has another novel, Sati, that I used to read whenever I was in a funk and needed to feel better again.  Funny, I haven't had to read it in a VERY long time.  I bet my husband has something to do with it.  I guess I don't feel sad or lost anymore. :)

If anyone wants more recommendations, let me know!  Or ask me about my favorite books.  I love to discuss my favorite authors and their books.  I'm always looking for something new.  I was thinking about trying out The Chronicles of Prydain next.  Has anyone read that series?

And of course, I should probably work on my own novel as well.  Maybe after we move.  And after all the other things I have to do.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Catching up.

I have just realized I have a lot of catching up to do!

My parents were visiting last week, it was nice to see them.  One day I came home from work and found my kitchen all nice and shiny clean!  My mom did a really great job scrubbing the stove.  (I hate cleaning that stove!) They bought me some maternity clothes and we went out to dinner a few times as well.

So much food!  I ate every last bite.  And then I lost two pounds.  This baby is HUNGRY.

I also said I was going to write about our move.  We are still in the middle of that process.  It looks like the majority of moving might happen this weekend.  We had a few people volunteer to help, so hopefully they can come help.  That is because we are going to need it.  Especially since I won't be around this weekend.  This weekend my sister and I are going to North Conway to hang out with our cousins and do some shopping.  So it's up to Anthony and whoever volunteers to help him.   This week it's my job to pack up and label boxes to make it all easier for him.  I am going to be busy busy busy this week.

My sister and I still haven't made the apple pies, but we might be attempting that tonight.  Our plan is to make two pies and then freeze them for Thanksgiving.  This is a good plan, but sometimes they smell so good you just have to eat them. :)

Last week I also promised to talk about a book I was reading.  I finished the book.  I still don't know how I feel about the ending.  I will make my post tomorrow a review of the book.

Today I want to write about the movie "Willow".  Does anyone remember this movie?  I watched this movie last night.  It had been sitting on my couch for two weeks.  I guess I haven't been taking advantage of the Netflix subscription like I should.

I forgot how much I LOVED this movie as a kid.  There's magic, fairies, sword fighting, comedy, romance and a two-headed dragon-monster thing.  What is not to like about this movie?    I really enjoy watching movies as an adult, that I enjoyed as a kid.  Sometimes I wonder why I liked a movie.  Other times I enjoy it just as much.  Sometimes I pick up on adult humor or other things that I would miss as a child.

For example, Val Kilmer is incredibly charming and HOT in this movie. :)   As a kid, I probably thought he was just another goofy adult character.  In fact, I remembered the Brownie characters the most from this movie.   Overall, I enjoyed this movie just as much as an adult, as I did when I was a kid.  I would definitely recommend this movie.

The best part about watching that movie?  It has a happy ending.  Which means I'm guaranteed a good night's sleep.  I have to be careful about what I watch before I go to bed.  I'm one of those people that seems to stay awake all night "thinking" about things or I will have nightmares about stressful stuff.

One example:  I watched Zombieland with my husband.  I didn't even watch the whole thing because zombies freak me out.  But this movie was funny and I liked the actors in it, so I kept watching.  I don't even think I saw the end.  But this movie is a comedy.  And I STILL had nightmares that night.  Simply because those zombies freaked me out.  I need happy endings and fairy tales or I get a bad night's sleep.

At least now I know that Willow gives me a good night's rest.  I should start a collection of things I can watch that help me have GOOD dreams. :)  (And no, I didn't dream about Val Kilmer. :P )

Monday, October 18, 2010

more posts needed...I know.

I haven't updated since last Wednesday!  I'm sorry about that.

I have been very busy.  I promise to update tomorrow.  Hopefully something funny.  :)

Something funny better happen tonight.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

bonus post: Why I Hate Facebook

Clicking on the picture will take you to the source:


I feel very distracted today.  I am having a difficult time focusing on getting things accomplished.  There is just too much on my mind.   I am also watching the story about the miners in Chile being rescued.  I have been hooked on that all day.  I even watched some of the live video feed.

So instead of a new post today, I am going to ask you to check out my friend's blog.
TC's Crystal Cave

Tomorrow I will write about my parent's visit and other interesting things.  I am hoping by then I will be less distracted and ready to write something more interesting. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bonus Post

If you are eating, don't click the link below.  If you love McDonald's, don't click the link below.

I have warned you NOT to click the link below.  It's gross.  Extremely gross.  I ate healthy food for lunch and I still feel like I might be ill.

For those of you who want to lose their fast food addiction, click the link.  For those of you who are trying to lose weight.   Read this article.


celebrity gossip

I used to have an addiction.   Ok, so I never really gave it up.  But I have definitely gotten better.

I used to be addicted to celebrity gossip.  I don't even know why.  And I still read the articles and look at the pictures.  Why do we have a fascination for celebrities anyway? 

Today I read online about two celebrity couple splits.  Both made me feel a little sad.  I like to see marriages work.   Both couples are claiming "trial separation", but we know that can't end well.  Well, I guess it could, it just so rarely does.   Anyway, the two couples are Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman and the other couple is Courtney Cox and David Arquette.  I always liked the Cox/Arquette couple.  I thought they were an odd pair who made it work and I thought they were cute together.

So sad.  :(

In better news, my parents are visiting this week.  They arrive tonight.  I have warned them ahead of time that they are arriving to chaos.   We have finished the bathroom and bedroom, but we still have stuff all over the place.  I also haven't dusted or vacuumed (besides the bedroom and bathroom) in a few weeks.  It's very dusty.  And dirty.  And messy.  And my fridge smells.

It's a little embarrassing.  I was raised in a spotless home.  No smells.  No mess.  And there was rarely any dust.  The messiest room in the house?  Easily my bedroom.  Whenever I was supposed to clean my room, I would always read a book instead. :)

Even as a grown up, the messiest room in my house is my bedroom.  Always has been, probably always will be.  I keep having this vision of a clean, perfect house.   What I need to remember though, is that no one lives in that perfect house. :)

Besides that, I live with someone who can be kind of slobby.  (he's gotten a *tiny* bit better)  My home will never be clean.  Probably because when I get home today, instead of cleaning, I am going to want to finish the last few chapters of the book I am reading.  I'm almost to the end!

I'll tell you about it in tomorrow's post.  If I get to finish it.  If I have company, I really shouldn't be reading.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Apple Picking and oh yeah, I passed my exam.

I passed my exam!  Yay!  I felt a lot more confident going into this exam than I did the previous.  And I knew within the first couple of questions that I was going to pass.  I knew all the answers!
I think I missed about 4 questions. But that's okay.  I didn't need a perfect score, just a passing score.

I am now officially A+ and Server+ certified!  :)

We had our bathroom and bedroom painted this weekend.  We chose a dark color for the bathroom and it needs another coat of paint.  Someone is coming back today to take care of that.  I'm really happy with the look of the new paint.  I think it makes a big difference.  Too bad I won't be around to enjoy it.  Anthony and I will be moving this month to a house about 10 minutes away from the condo.  My sister will be moving in and enjoying the new bathroom instead!  Lucky her.   :)
I will post before and after pictures once the bathroom is complete.

We also went apple picking this weekend.  (myself, Anthony and Ronja)  I have a few pictures to share.

Here is my husband up in the trees.  It's the end of apple season here in New England, so most of the apples have already been picked.  You can still find some really good ones at the tops of the trees.  This particular farm had ladders to help reach the apples that were way up high.

I don't remember how long ago it was, but I do remember a time when we were allowed to climb the apple trees to pick apples.  Maybe it was never allowed?  They take half the fun out of apple picking if you aren't allowed to climb a tree!

Check out this apple, isn't it cute?

It's a tiny Macoun apple.  It also happens to be one that I am not allergic to yet.  Notice the word YET.  I am assuming after eating enough of these apples I will eventually start reacting to them and will no longer be able to eat them.  Until then, I have a HUGE bag of them.  YUM!

Lazy Apple Picking:

We had a great time, though Ronja and Anthony both complained that they were sick of apples.  I think they both had about 3-4 each.  I ate about the same amount.  (I had to taste test to make sure I was allergic!) but I could never get sick of apples.  I have two for a snack today!

Here's hoping I won't be allergic!

Later this week:  
My parents are visiting.  We begin the process of moving.  I teach Ronja how to make apple pie. 

Friday, October 08, 2010

I'm global!

For those of you that use blogger, have you ever checked out the "Stats" tab?  I clicked on it the other day and I was pleasantly surprised to find all sorts of interesting information there.   The kinds of information they provide are page views, traffic sources, and audience.  When I clicked on the audience page, it showed me a map of the world and the United States had a great big dark green highlight. 

I assumed most of my readers were from the USA.  I tried clicking on the map to see if it would give me more details.  It did I can't track down exactly where my readers are from this feature.  (I'm an IT person, if I want to track you down I can.  But don't worry, I'm lazy and I have better things to do with my time.  So I am not going to track you down.)

What I did find when I clicked on the map was WAY more interesting.   Apparently I have readers from other countries!  I seem to be really popular in India.    So I wanted to give a shout out to all my readers that I don't know and may never meet.  I'm happy you are reading my blog.  It gives me motivation to keep posting and to keep writing.

Here are the countries represented by my readers (in alphabetical order):
South Korea
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone has a good weekend.   I need to re-take my Server+ exam this weekend.  Wish me luck!  I will also be going apple picking!   I love New England in the fall.  I'll try to get some pictures for everyone to see next week.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Pregnancy post

This post is all about pregnancy stuff.  If you don't want to read it, I have already given warning.  Stop now.

Yesterday I commented that my mind has started in on all the "what ifs" of having a baby.  I don't know why.  I have had a perfectly happy pregnancy and no issues so far.  For whatever reason this past week, I started having nightmares.  They weren't even baby or pregnancy related.  Just highly stressful situations.  For example, one dream I had, a friend of mine had been kidnapped and I needed to rescue her.  In another the terrorists were going to blow something up and I had to stop them.   In another I was the hostage and I had to escape after being tortured.  I'm sure everyone will have some interpretation for these dreams.  (I'm not looking for any.)
I think they are due to the natural worry that comes with being a first time mom and they are also due to all the other "stress" I have in my life.  We are moving this month, we need to pack and clean.  I have to re-take my certification exam.   I'M HAVING A BABY!!!  AAAAHHHH!

So the nightmares I would wake up from, heart pounding, cold sweat and then lie awake trying to fall back asleep.  During the day, new things started up in my brain.  What if the baby has something wrong with it.  What if it has brain damage.  What if I hurt it in kickboxing class before I realized I was pregnant.  And then I read online about a woman's baby that died in the womb.  I won't give the details, but basically that freaked me out.  I didn't realize all the things that could go wrong!

The timing just worked out that my friend Amy (who is due 2 weeks after me with her second!) sent me an IM.  We have been checking in with each other periodically to see how we are doing.  I was about to leave work, so I called her.  And then I told her about the nightmares and the daytime thoughts.  She mentioned that the exact same thing happened to her with her first pregnancy.  And then she told me something completely logical.  Which was perfect, because logic works on me best.

She said: "You can't waste time worrying about the things you can't control. Yep, those things can happen, but don't waste your time on it.  Worry about eating right and taking care of your body."

Logic. Perfect.  What is funny is that she told me something I already know.  One of my favorite books is "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living." by Dale Carnegie.  And that is the basis of his book.  If you can't control it, don't worry about it.  If you can control it, DO something about it.

Dani Do It.  Get it?

So after my chat with Amy the daytime thoughts didn't completely go away but the nightmares did.  I have had two great nights of sleep now.  Thank you Amy!   In the meantime I will work on the daytime thoughts by staying OFF the internet and to stop reading articles online about pregnancy.

Especially the ones about things that can go wrong.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Better late than never.

I think this is the latest I have ever posted to my blog.  So for those of you that check it at night, phew, I got it posted in time.  For those of you that check during the day, tomorrow, I will seem to have two new posts!

So I promised to tell everyone about the WPI Reunion.  Well, I was disappointed.  I thought there would be a lot more people there.  Especially since I know that a lot of people are still in MA.  I knew a few people, but I had hoped to see more.  They actually combined two different graduating classes for the reunion.  At first I thought that was would there be enough room?   Then I discovered that both classes had a really poor that is why. :)

Funny thing is...I knew a handful of people from the class of 2005!  That is because I ended up going back to WPI to do some theatre after I graduated, so I ended up knowing people from those classes as well.

I did see one friend when we first walked in.  I still had my sunglasses on, and it had been TEN years.  And he still recognized me. :)   I recognized him as well, but it took me a few minutes to recall his name.   He and I videotaped the football team (practices and games) together our freshman and sophomore years.    Then, while socializing, I saw another friend.   I remembered her name right away.  She played field hockey with a few girls who lived on my floor freshman year of college.  We were chatting and catching up and I mentioned that Anthony had also gone to WPI but we didn't meet and start dating until after college.
She said: "The same thing happened with ________  and I."
(I'm leaving out names for privacy.)

Then it hit me.  The guy I ran into on my way in and the girl I was talking to, were married.  And had FOUR kids.  (Four incredibly adorable and gorgeous kids I would like to add.)  It took me a minute to wrap my head around that!  We didn't get to chat as much as I would have liked, I was chatting with other people and so were they.  I let them know that I would track them down through facebook using my sister's account.  Hopefully they will accept her friend request so I can exchange contact info with them.   They live locally and I would love to catch up with them some more.

And I need to admit that I want their advice on daycare and affording kids, etc.  They have FOUR kids.  And they live locally.  And I was friends with both in college (thought it was separate circles).

I hope I get to hear from them soon.

In more exciting news...I probably would have posted this tomorrow, but it happened just before now.   I had a doctor's appointment today and Anthony and I got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time.  It was strong and steady.  It sounded like my own heart when I listen to it with my grandmother's stethoscope.  It was crazy, weird, cool, exciting and just plain old neat to hear it.  I'm still not "showing" thought my waist is getting thicker.   I have lost a lot of my first trimester symptoms and I can't feel it yet.  So it was nice to hear confirmation that yes, there is something in there.

I don't know why, but for some reason this week my mind started doing all the "what if's".   I'll write more about that tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Go Patriots!

This is my second post titled "Go Patriots!" but I can't help it.  They played a good game last night.
I was good last night, I studied for my exam this coming weekend and then I went to bed early, but I got all the highlights and details today.

Go Pats!

Not too much today.  I have loads of work to do and an exam to study for.  Tomorrow I will post about my weekend and the WPI Reunion.

Monday, October 04, 2010

This diamond ring...

...doesn't shine for me anymore.
And this diamond ring doesn't mean what it meant before
So if you've got someone whose love is tru-u-ue
Let it shine for yo-ou-ou.

Ok no worries people, I'm not talking about my ring.  Which is still incredibly gorgeous and sparkling and beautiful and I still stare at it.  A lot. :)
This post is to help out my sister.  She has decided to sell her engagement ring.  There is this great website called "I Do now I Don't".   She has advertised her ring here.   It's a shame for such a gorgeous ring to sit in a box.  It deserves air!  It deserves the sun!  It needs to sparkle!!!

Seriously, if you have seen this item in person, it is some serious bling.   My sister ADORES this ring, this isn't easy for her to give it up, but she is also a practical person.  She cannot wear the ring and some other woman out there could be incredibly happy with this diamond ring.

So check it out if you are in the market, or let someone know.  Even if this ring isn't in their price range, maybe another ring on the website is.  

I know some of you might be asking yourself: "Who wants a used ring...that resulted in divorce?"
To that, I say this:

This ring was picked out with love.  It was purchased with love.  It was worn with love.  It was meticulously taken care of with love.   Wherever this ring always had love.  Even now, my sister can look at it with a special shining look in her eyes.  No, she doesn't think of the ex behind it.  She sees a gorgeous piece of jewelry that any woman would be thrilled to own.  This ring is all love.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday, fun links and funny story.

Happy Friday everyone!

WPI Homecoming is this weekend, it's my 10 (TEN!!!) year reunion.  I hope they make us wear name tags at the party/social thingy we are going to.  I know I won't remember names.  It should be interesting to see a bunch of people I haven't seen in a while.

I have a bunch of fun links for you this morning, but first I wanted to share a funny story.  I'm hoping that throughout this pregnancy I will have a pleasant experience and I won't pull the "because I am pregnant" card too often.  I haven't sent Anthony out for a specific food or demanded he do more than his half of the chores, but the other night I pulled it out.

Oscar is still experiencing a little gas.  Which is hilarious because the poor dog doesn't know what to do when he farts.  I figure from his point of view, there is something coming out of his butt and he is inside the house!  Panic!  The other night, Anthony had just taken him out for a walk so he could do his business.  When they came back in Oscar decided to snack on some of his food.  He typically takes a mouthful of food, goes to the other side of the room (or goes in a different room) drops it on the floor and then eats it one piece at a time.  This particular night he decided to drop the food in front of the TV and eat it there, so we had a good view of him while he was eating.   All of a sudden he jumps as though startled.  (again, like something bit him on the butt) He turns his head and stares at his rear end and his tail, which is usually curled over his back, is pulled down over his butt.  He then starts walking around all hunched and trying to get a good look at his butt.  It was pretty hilarious.  It was obvious to us that he had gas but didn't know what to do about it.

Now I was worried that he might be having some issues again so I asked Anthony if he did a number 2 outside.  Anthony replied that he did and it was normal. 

I looked at him and I said "If he poops on the floor you have to pick it up."
He said: "Why me?"
I said: "Because I'm pregnant and I can make you."

At which point we both cracked up and Anthony tickled me. 

Oscar didn't poop on the floor, he was fine.  But I bet his neck was sore from trying to twist around and see what was coming out.  (nothing! just air, poor dog was confused!)

I hope you enjoyed that story.  If it wasn't funny enough for you, here are some videos to entertain you.

First up, Wayne Brady, Mike Tyson and Bobby Brown on Funny or Die, remaking Every Little Step.

Next, these guys are very talented, I hope Justin Timberlake puts out a new album soon.  JT and Jimmy Fallon, rapping.

And last, a great article about how to be a working Mom.  I will be a working Mom and I thought this article had some good pointers.  At the very least, it made me a little less nervous about the work/life balance.  I know I can do it.  Dani Do It!