Friday, October 29, 2010

The 50th Grilling

My husband has a goal.

Okay, my husband has many goals.  He wants to be a billionaire, own a Ferrari and live in Italy.  He also wants to run his own business, create the world's best grill and many many more.   Lucky for him, he is not just a dreamer, he is also a hard worker and very motivated.

One of his shorter term goals is to grill 100 times before the end of this year.  He is starting to run out of time, but he has grilled 49 times.  He has been looking for something special to grill for the 50th grilling.  He is a foodie and an incredible chef (lucky me!) and he can't just grill a hamburger for this monumental and special grilling occasion.

Yesterday he sent me a link to what his 50th grilling should be.

So I clicked on the link, looked at the picture and immediately thought "gross!".   (I had also just eaten that strawberry yogurt I talked about yesterday and I *thought* I was still hungry for more food, but I quickly changed my mind when I saw the picture.)

Okay,  a little background information for you:
I am not a vegetarian.  I have thought about being one a few times.  I love animals.  I can't stand the thought of any living creature in pain.  (I don't kill spiders either...if it's possible to move them outside I do, or send my husband after them.  He always kills them.)   So when I eat my food, I prefer it to not resemble the creature it once looked like.  Then it's easier for me to not think of that cute little lamb who was sacrificed for Anthony's 50th grilling.  Lucky for me, I'm friends with someone who is married to an actual REAL farmer.  And instead of listening to the crazy people at PETA, I got a real answer from an agricultural source that actually raises the animals we eat.  I also suggest you visit a farm or meet someone who raises animals for food.   They LOVE their animals.  Just as much as I would hope they do.   And they treat them well.

Happy animals  =  good food.    Good food = Happy Dani.  Especially while pregnant.  I think am ready for a snack.....


Back to the story:

So I sent him a note back. 
(note my awesome MUTTS comics Ying Yang symbol!)

Here is our conversation:

  me: ugh  I didn't need the picture
  Anthony: why not?
  me: it's a baby sheep! I don't want to see it's ribs
  Anthony: tacos are just baby quesidillas you know
  me: LOL

**End Conversation**
I will never look at tacos the same ever again.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!

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