Monday, October 11, 2010

Apple Picking and oh yeah, I passed my exam.

I passed my exam!  Yay!  I felt a lot more confident going into this exam than I did the previous.  And I knew within the first couple of questions that I was going to pass.  I knew all the answers!
I think I missed about 4 questions. But that's okay.  I didn't need a perfect score, just a passing score.

I am now officially A+ and Server+ certified!  :)

We had our bathroom and bedroom painted this weekend.  We chose a dark color for the bathroom and it needs another coat of paint.  Someone is coming back today to take care of that.  I'm really happy with the look of the new paint.  I think it makes a big difference.  Too bad I won't be around to enjoy it.  Anthony and I will be moving this month to a house about 10 minutes away from the condo.  My sister will be moving in and enjoying the new bathroom instead!  Lucky her.   :)
I will post before and after pictures once the bathroom is complete.

We also went apple picking this weekend.  (myself, Anthony and Ronja)  I have a few pictures to share.

Here is my husband up in the trees.  It's the end of apple season here in New England, so most of the apples have already been picked.  You can still find some really good ones at the tops of the trees.  This particular farm had ladders to help reach the apples that were way up high.

I don't remember how long ago it was, but I do remember a time when we were allowed to climb the apple trees to pick apples.  Maybe it was never allowed?  They take half the fun out of apple picking if you aren't allowed to climb a tree!

Check out this apple, isn't it cute?

It's a tiny Macoun apple.  It also happens to be one that I am not allergic to yet.  Notice the word YET.  I am assuming after eating enough of these apples I will eventually start reacting to them and will no longer be able to eat them.  Until then, I have a HUGE bag of them.  YUM!

Lazy Apple Picking:

We had a great time, though Ronja and Anthony both complained that they were sick of apples.  I think they both had about 3-4 each.  I ate about the same amount.  (I had to taste test to make sure I was allergic!) but I could never get sick of apples.  I have two for a snack today!

Here's hoping I won't be allergic!

Later this week:  
My parents are visiting.  We begin the process of moving.  I teach Ronja how to make apple pie. 

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