Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Catching up.

I have just realized I have a lot of catching up to do!

My parents were visiting last week, it was nice to see them.  One day I came home from work and found my kitchen all nice and shiny clean!  My mom did a really great job scrubbing the stove.  (I hate cleaning that stove!) They bought me some maternity clothes and we went out to dinner a few times as well.

So much food!  I ate every last bite.  And then I lost two pounds.  This baby is HUNGRY.

I also said I was going to write about our move.  We are still in the middle of that process.  It looks like the majority of moving might happen this weekend.  We had a few people volunteer to help, so hopefully they can come help.  That is because we are going to need it.  Especially since I won't be around this weekend.  This weekend my sister and I are going to North Conway to hang out with our cousins and do some shopping.  So it's up to Anthony and whoever volunteers to help him.   This week it's my job to pack up and label boxes to make it all easier for him.  I am going to be busy busy busy this week.

My sister and I still haven't made the apple pies, but we might be attempting that tonight.  Our plan is to make two pies and then freeze them for Thanksgiving.  This is a good plan, but sometimes they smell so good you just have to eat them. :)

Last week I also promised to talk about a book I was reading.  I finished the book.  I still don't know how I feel about the ending.  I will make my post tomorrow a review of the book.

Today I want to write about the movie "Willow".  Does anyone remember this movie?  I watched this movie last night.  It had been sitting on my couch for two weeks.  I guess I haven't been taking advantage of the Netflix subscription like I should.

I forgot how much I LOVED this movie as a kid.  There's magic, fairies, sword fighting, comedy, romance and a two-headed dragon-monster thing.  What is not to like about this movie?    I really enjoy watching movies as an adult, that I enjoyed as a kid.  Sometimes I wonder why I liked a movie.  Other times I enjoy it just as much.  Sometimes I pick up on adult humor or other things that I would miss as a child.

For example, Val Kilmer is incredibly charming and HOT in this movie. :)   As a kid, I probably thought he was just another goofy adult character.  In fact, I remembered the Brownie characters the most from this movie.   Overall, I enjoyed this movie just as much as an adult, as I did when I was a kid.  I would definitely recommend this movie.

The best part about watching that movie?  It has a happy ending.  Which means I'm guaranteed a good night's sleep.  I have to be careful about what I watch before I go to bed.  I'm one of those people that seems to stay awake all night "thinking" about things or I will have nightmares about stressful stuff.

One example:  I watched Zombieland with my husband.  I didn't even watch the whole thing because zombies freak me out.  But this movie was funny and I liked the actors in it, so I kept watching.  I don't even think I saw the end.  But this movie is a comedy.  And I STILL had nightmares that night.  Simply because those zombies freaked me out.  I need happy endings and fairy tales or I get a bad night's sleep.

At least now I know that Willow gives me a good night's rest.  I should start a collection of things I can watch that help me have GOOD dreams. :)  (And no, I didn't dream about Val Kilmer. :P )

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