Tuesday, October 12, 2010

celebrity gossip

I used to have an addiction.   Ok, so I never really gave it up.  But I have definitely gotten better.

I used to be addicted to celebrity gossip.  I don't even know why.  And I still read the articles and look at the pictures.  Why do we have a fascination for celebrities anyway? 

Today I read online about two celebrity couple splits.  Both made me feel a little sad.  I like to see marriages work.   Both couples are claiming "trial separation", but we know that can't end well.  Well, I guess it could, it just so rarely does.   Anyway, the two couples are Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman and the other couple is Courtney Cox and David Arquette.  I always liked the Cox/Arquette couple.  I thought they were an odd pair who made it work and I thought they were cute together.

So sad.  :(

In better news, my parents are visiting this week.  They arrive tonight.  I have warned them ahead of time that they are arriving to chaos.   We have finished the bathroom and bedroom, but we still have stuff all over the place.  I also haven't dusted or vacuumed (besides the bedroom and bathroom) in a few weeks.  It's very dusty.  And dirty.  And messy.  And my fridge smells.

It's a little embarrassing.  I was raised in a spotless home.  No smells.  No mess.  And there was rarely any dust.  The messiest room in the house?  Easily my bedroom.  Whenever I was supposed to clean my room, I would always read a book instead. :)

Even as a grown up, the messiest room in my house is my bedroom.  Always has been, probably always will be.  I keep having this vision of a clean, perfect house.   What I need to remember though, is that no one lives in that perfect house. :)

Besides that, I live with someone who can be kind of slobby.  (he's gotten a *tiny* bit better)  My home will never be clean.  Probably because when I get home today, instead of cleaning, I am going to want to finish the last few chapters of the book I am reading.  I'm almost to the end!

I'll tell you about it in tomorrow's post.  If I get to finish it.  If I have company, I really shouldn't be reading.

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