Friday, October 22, 2010

Duh. Why didn't I think of that?

I was talking to my mom briefly this morning and she had a suggestion for me.  For my next "belly picture" I should wear a clingy top, like a tank top, but something that clings to the body.  This way I will show off the belly and the changing shape without exposing my stomach.


I should have thought of that, so why didn't I?  Because I have baby brain.  I can't remember the simplest words anymore.  Yesterday, for the life of me, I couldn't recall the words "cached exchange mode".  I knew what it was.  I knew where to find it in Outlook or while creating a profile.  But I couldn't think of it.  At least my co-worker was able to pull that out of my head for me.  :)

Besides forgetting words and dropping things (always my keys!) the other symptom I am experiencing right now is exhaustion.  It could be because I just need to go to bed earlier.  (late nights packing and cleaning and laundry for the move) or that this baby is just making me tired.  Everyone who already has kids or a baby just laughs when I tell them how tired I am.  They have all informed me that it doesn't get better.  I am doomed to all eternity of being exhausted.   My new plan is to start taking naps during my lunch break and to make sure that I am in bed early every night.   I think this will help.  Until then, sleeeeepy.

This weekend my sister and I are headed north to have a "girls" weekend with our cousins. We are going to be shopping, going out to eat, and maybe checking out a haunted house.  My plan is to scream my head off and get really into it and scare the other people going through the house.   This way the people and things in the house won't scare ME.   That is because I scare easily and have nightmares.  I figure if I get in on the fun and view it as a joke, I shouldn't have a heart attack or go into early labor.  :)

What I will probably end up doing is annoying everyone else in that haunted house. hehehe.

Hopefully I won't have nightmares and I should get a good night's sleep this weekend as well.  I think I have yawned about 10 times just while writing this.  (and today's post is short!)  Oh well, I can sleep later right?  And everyone says you are supposed to nap when the baby naps right?   I think I'll try going to bed when the baby goes to bed too.  7pm bed time sounds good to me.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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Marybeth @ AlarmClockWars said...

What were the words you couldn't remember? I don't think I have ever heard them together before. Not a lot of need for cached... whatever... in horse medicine!! Hope you had fun in the haunted house. I still get to win screaming competitions every once in a while!

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