Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday, fun links and funny story.

Happy Friday everyone!

WPI Homecoming is this weekend, it's my 10 (TEN!!!) year reunion.  I hope they make us wear name tags at the party/social thingy we are going to.  I know I won't remember names.  It should be interesting to see a bunch of people I haven't seen in a while.

I have a bunch of fun links for you this morning, but first I wanted to share a funny story.  I'm hoping that throughout this pregnancy I will have a pleasant experience and I won't pull the "because I am pregnant" card too often.  I haven't sent Anthony out for a specific food or demanded he do more than his half of the chores, but the other night I pulled it out.

Oscar is still experiencing a little gas.  Which is hilarious because the poor dog doesn't know what to do when he farts.  I figure from his point of view, there is something coming out of his butt and he is inside the house!  Panic!  The other night, Anthony had just taken him out for a walk so he could do his business.  When they came back in Oscar decided to snack on some of his food.  He typically takes a mouthful of food, goes to the other side of the room (or goes in a different room) drops it on the floor and then eats it one piece at a time.  This particular night he decided to drop the food in front of the TV and eat it there, so we had a good view of him while he was eating.   All of a sudden he jumps as though startled.  (again, like something bit him on the butt) He turns his head and stares at his rear end and his tail, which is usually curled over his back, is pulled down over his butt.  He then starts walking around all hunched and trying to get a good look at his butt.  It was pretty hilarious.  It was obvious to us that he had gas but didn't know what to do about it.

Now I was worried that he might be having some issues again so I asked Anthony if he did a number 2 outside.  Anthony replied that he did and it was normal. 

I looked at him and I said "If he poops on the floor you have to pick it up."
He said: "Why me?"
I said: "Because I'm pregnant and I can make you."

At which point we both cracked up and Anthony tickled me. 

Oscar didn't poop on the floor, he was fine.  But I bet his neck was sore from trying to twist around and see what was coming out.  (nothing! just air, poor dog was confused!)

I hope you enjoyed that story.  If it wasn't funny enough for you, here are some videos to entertain you.

First up, Wayne Brady, Mike Tyson and Bobby Brown on Funny or Die, remaking Every Little Step.

Next, these guys are very talented, I hope Justin Timberlake puts out a new album soon.  JT and Jimmy Fallon, rapping.

And last, a great article about how to be a working Mom.  I will be a working Mom and I thought this article had some good pointers.  At the very least, it made me a little less nervous about the work/life balance.  I know I can do it.  Dani Do It!

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