Thursday, October 28, 2010

Posture and why I'm not moved yet.

I'm going to start today's post discussing posture.  This is something we normally don't think about unless our back hurts or our moms or grandmothers tell us to "sit up straight!".   I noticed the past two weeks that my back is bothering me.  Usually when this happens it is due to weight gain or a lack of exercise.

And of course, I am gaining weight and I am exercising a little less than my "normal" routine.  (Normal for me was trying to lose weight so it meant sweating profusely and making other people get tired just looking at me.)  The weight gain is minor.  I think I am up about 6 pounds from when I first got pregnant.  When my back hurt before, it was from gaining weight when I was already over my ideal weight.  The reason this causes back pain is because the added bulk puts strain on the muscles that have to support your core.  This means your stomach muscles, lateral muscles and BACK muscles all need to work harder to support that extra weight.  So just like when your muscles are sore after a really good (very hard!) workout, your muscles are sore from the "workout" of holding up your extra weight.   This doesn't mean you are fat or overweight.  It just means your body is suddenly supporting more than it used to.

But I don't think I have gained so much weight that my back hurts.  I think that my body is now adjusting to the growing baby in the front.  Everything is getting shifted around and pushed up and my body will soon be off balance.  But the real reason I think my back is hurting?  Poor posture.

I noticed the other day that I am starting to get the "pregnancy" pose.  Do you know what I mean?  You see pregnant women, backs slightly arched, pelvis tipped down in the front, usually holding their lower backs.  I did a little research on this, and what I found out is that you DO NOT want to give in to this.  I have always thought I had pretty good posture, but this body is changing in ways I cannot control.  (the food!  gimme more food!)

So starting today, I am making a concentrated effort on standing up straight.  Sitting up straight and keeping my pelvis tipped the correct way.

My back feels better already!

In other good news, my co-worker gave me their strawberry yogurt.  And it didn't taste any yuckier than normal strawberry yogurt.  yay!  I am hoping this means I can go back to my plain greek yogurt...yum!
(In the beginning of my pregnancy, I couldn't stand the sight of it, even though prior to pregnancy I ate it every day, sometimes twice a day.)

And for those who are curious...why am I not all moved in?  We can now.  We have heat, we have hot water.  The majority of our belongings are over there.   But I refuse to go.  This is because Anthony is traveling for business today and tomorrow and won't be back until Saturday.

At first, I was all excited to move in last night.  And then I realized I was going to spend the first two nights at the new place ALONE.  In the dark.  In the woods.  Where the neighbors are close, but I can't see them from my house.  And Halloween was this weekend?!  No way dude!

I don't want to say that I am scared of the dark....oh who am I kidding, I'm terrified to be alone in the dark. :)

I also haven't been alone in a building in almost ten years.  I have been living in apartment buildings and condo buildings.  There was always at least someone in the building.   So I wasn't doing it alone.

So Oscar and I are camping out at the condo with just the bed, the tv's (I wasn't moving those in yet either) and a suitcase until Saturday morning.

And THEN we will finally be moved in.  After my dentist appointment.  And after I help my sister move.  And my friends Katie and Jeff.  Okay, and then we have to unpack.  But we will be living there!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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