Monday, October 04, 2010

This diamond ring...

...doesn't shine for me anymore.
And this diamond ring doesn't mean what it meant before
So if you've got someone whose love is tru-u-ue
Let it shine for yo-ou-ou.

Ok no worries people, I'm not talking about my ring.  Which is still incredibly gorgeous and sparkling and beautiful and I still stare at it.  A lot. :)
This post is to help out my sister.  She has decided to sell her engagement ring.  There is this great website called "I Do now I Don't".   She has advertised her ring here.   It's a shame for such a gorgeous ring to sit in a box.  It deserves air!  It deserves the sun!  It needs to sparkle!!!

Seriously, if you have seen this item in person, it is some serious bling.   My sister ADORES this ring, this isn't easy for her to give it up, but she is also a practical person.  She cannot wear the ring and some other woman out there could be incredibly happy with this diamond ring.

So check it out if you are in the market, or let someone know.  Even if this ring isn't in their price range, maybe another ring on the website is.  

I know some of you might be asking yourself: "Who wants a used ring...that resulted in divorce?"
To that, I say this:

This ring was picked out with love.  It was purchased with love.  It was worn with love.  It was meticulously taken care of with love.   Wherever this ring always had love.  Even now, my sister can look at it with a special shining look in her eyes.  No, she doesn't think of the ex behind it.  She sees a gorgeous piece of jewelry that any woman would be thrilled to own.  This ring is all love.

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Anonymous said...

I think your sister is doing the right thing by selling her ring. And I agree, why not someone else wear it! Ive heard great things about so I think she picked the right place. Best of luck!

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