Monday, November 29, 2010

Baby can kick....and kick hard!

Hey everyone -   How was your holiday break?

The last four days for me were great!  I felt like I took a vacation from work.  The best part?  I didn't go anywhere, (except for the actual holiday) so it was actually relaxing.  I spent the majority of the time hanging out with my husband which was nice.  He is my favorite person in the whole world, so I do like to spend as much time with him as I can.  

The baby was very active this weekend.  In fact, we got to feel the baby kicking from the outside this weekend!
On Saturday night Anthony was cooking dinner and I was watching the TV.  All of a sudden the baby started moving around and kicking.  She was packing quite a punch and I wondered if I could feel her movements on the outside of my belly.  So I put my hand on my belly and "plop!" I felt it!

I rushed into the kitchen to make Anthony feel it too, but then she stopped.  Every time she started up again, he was busy at the grill, so he didn't get to feel it that night.

But on Sunday morning, as I was just waking up, she was moving again.  So this time when Anthony was half-asleep, I pulled his hand onto my belly.  And "PLOP!" there she goes again.  I didn't say anything, because I wanted him to ask me about it and he said "Was that it?" and I said "Yep!" and he said "Neat." and I said "and weird."  And he agreed.

Yes it is totally cool to be able to feel the baby.  But at the same time it is totally freaky weird to have something inside of you moving around and being all squirmy like.  It is not normal.  It is freaky weird.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Turkey...gobble gobble

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and most of us will be eating turkey.   Did you want to know where your turkey might come from?   If not, then stop reading here and have a good day tomorrow! 

Okay, you were warned!

For the rest of us, I have a link to a REAL turkey farmer.   They don't raise the kind of turkeys that will be on our tables tomorrow, rather they raise the kinds of turkeys that end up in our deli sandwiches.  Regardless, I thought it was nice to see just how well these turkeys are treated.

Happy animals = good tasting meat.

I have posted before about how I find it hard sometimes to be a carnivore, but the more farmers I meet, the better I feel about it.  REAL farmers care about their animals. 

Here is a link to On the Banks of Squaw Creek.   Check it out!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Role Reversal

Since my post today was so short, I thought I would post this video.

Rat vs Alley Cats 

I am so hungry today!

I have been hungry all day.  Seriously.  The hunger pains stop for about 10 minutes after I eat and then they start up again.   I woke up hungry.  And I have stayed hungry all day.

I am currently eating a yogurt while I type up this post.  I'm hoping it will hold me over until dinner.

Funny thing is, yesterday, I wasn't really hungry at all.  I ate my snacks and all my meals but I didn't really have that "I gotta eat" feeling I have today.  By lunchtime today I had eaten all of my snacks except the yogurt.  It's a good thing I packed healthy food today!   At lunch I really wanted a pizza or a burger, but I was good and ate my protein and veggies that I packed to eat today.    Then I went for a walk and by the time I got back from my walk, I was hungry again! 

Apparently the tiny human inside wants more food.   I guess I better eat a big dinner.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Stephenie Meyer

Another author I would like to discuss is Stephanie Meyer.

She is the author of the very popular Twilight series.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading these books though I didn't think the author was a very good writer (these are her first novels after all!).   But her characters and her story were what drew me in and I couldn't put these books down.

I actually picked up the first one as a distraction from my wedding planning a few years ago and the next thing I knew, I was flying through them!  It was nice to have another series that drew me in like the Harry Potter books.  But since there were only 4 and they were easy to read, I was done with them pretty quickly.

I was curious about her other book, The Host.  Not enough to purchase it, but I did eventually borrow the book from the library.  It was another page turner!  I couldn't put it down.  I was very impressed with the story.  Yet again I was left wondering, how do I write a story like this?

So today's post is short, but I wanted to add Stephenie Meyer to my list as I would like to find an addicting story in my head like she has done.  I want to write it down and share it with the world.  I just need to get over my writer's block.

Author's website:

Friday, November 19, 2010

Things I have learned about pregnancy.

I'm taking a break from the author posts to bring you some insider information on pregnancy.  Or at least some insider information on my pregnancy.   I have learned a few things that I didn't know before I got pregnant, so I thought I would share them with you.    (lucky you huh?)

1.  Number one and most important.  You have no idea what pregnancy is like until you go through it.  I think you can relate, have empathy or be sympathetic, but you really have NO idea what it's like until you go through it.

2.  It's a lot of fun to talk to women who are either going through it or have been through it, even if it was 30 years ago.  Because you have finally joined a special club and you now have something else in common with that woman that you didn't have before.

3.  It will bring you closer to your mom.  Like you have no idea.  You all of a sudden have a new bond.  :)
(hi mom!)

4.  One minute you are not hungry.  Two minutes later you are hungry.  30 seconds later YOU HAVE TO EAT NOW OR YOU WILL DIE.  There is no warning.  Carry snacks.

5.  I once was a light sleeper.  Now I can sleep through anything.  Seriously.  My husband once had friends over, they went out to a band practice, came home, had beers and then he went to bed.  I slept through the whole thing.  In fact, the only reason I knew that happened was because he casually mentioned the band the next day.  Our conversation went like this:
Him:  "blah blah practice."
Me: "Hmm, what?  when did you go see his band?"
Him: "Last night."
Me: "You did?  When?"
Him: "I had so-and-so over and then we went the band practice."
Me: "Really?"

I used to wake up if someone stood in my doorway and whispered my name!

6.  If you had a ahem, shy-bladder problem before, it goes away when you are pregnant.  When you gotta go, you gotta go.  Your bladder is no longer concerned that someone in the next stall might hear you pee.

7.  Where did the happy hormones come from?  I'm usually all bah-humbug about Christmas arriving early.  I get so annoyed when the radio stations start playing the holiday songs early.  Guess who has been listening to Christmas songs all week on the radio?  And singing along at the top of my lungs!  Bring it on!  I love all this mushy holiday cheer!

8.  When you are pregnant, you cry.  A lot.  At everything.  And you can't explain to anyone or even yourself why.  That baby looked at me!  I cried.  That was a happy song!  I cried.  That was a sad song!  I cried harder.   Aww...a cute fluffy kitten!  Tears.  They flow.  Just smile and look silly, it's okay.  Unless you aren't showing yet...then everyone thinks you are weird.

9.  Before you get pregnant and you run into people you know, they will ask: "How are you?".   Once you are pregnant, everyone now says:  "How are you feeling?"  And then they stare at your belly.  Which is weird.  Especially if you don't have one yet.

10.  And the last one for today.  (I'm sure I will post more things I learned later in my pregnancy.)
You are no longer in control of your body.  It belongs to someone else.  And at 5.5 months pregnant, this little creature only weighs in at one pound.  And it's in control.

But that's okay, it will be this way for the next 18 years.  Or the rest of my life.  Better get used to it! :)

And a bonus.  Your brain no longer functions.  Proofread everything.  I just had to correct about four spelling mistakes and three grammatical errors.  I'm sure there are more, I just didn't find them.  Like proofreading, is it spelled that way?  Or is it proof reading.  I'm not sure.   My brain no longer works.

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Barbara Michaels

Barbara Michaels is the other author that I want to read every single one of her books.  I have almost the entire collection, I just need a few more.

I discovered her writing when I was in high school.   My cousin and I were visiting each other and she had two books with her that I became interested in.   (Growing up, a lot of the books I ended up enjoying were books that she had also read.)

The first was an Anne Rice book.  I'll get into that book and author in a different post.  The second book was "Wait for What Will Come" by Barbara Michaels. 

I think I have read this book four or five times now.  I was immediately hooked.  After that I started to seek out her books and I found that our local library (in the town I grew up in) had a large collection of her novels.  I couldn't read them fast enough to be honest.   Her stories are usually gothic mystery, usually with a female lead character and occasionally will have a supernatural element to it.   The heroine almost always ends up with a love interest by the end of the novel and I really enjoy trying to guess who will be her "one and only" at the end.  Love, love, love these books. 

One year, for Christmas, my parents bought me about ten of her novels.  The hardest part that year was waiting until we were done opening presents to read my books!  (and choose which one to read first!)

I do have two funny stories in relation to this author as well. 

First story:
I was on a ski vacation once and was bored one evening.  I decided to look at the book collections in the townhouse we were renting (this was in college, or just after college) and I found a mystery novel.   I really enjoyed the book and when we returned home I decided to research the author so I could read more of her books.  Guess what?   The author of that book, Elizabeth Peters, just so happened to be the SAME woman as Barbara Michaels.   This author uses a pen name for the various genres that she writes in.   I was very excited to then have even MORE books to choose from.  

Second story:
The majority of my book collection resides at my parent's house in northern Vermont.  The collection keeps growing and I really hope that someday I can have an old-fashioned library like I get to read about in my many Barbara Michaels books.   One evening, a few summers ago, I was in Vermont visiting my parents and we were looking for something to start a bonfire with.  We must have run out of newspaper.  My mom said "I have a book you can use, it was just awful."  Immediately I was horrified, I wasn't about to let someone burn a book!  My mom insisted that it was a terrible book and no one was going to want to read it.  So I asked to read it before we tossed it into a bonfire so that I could be the judge and decide if it needed to be burned.  My mom handed me the book....and it was one of my Barbara Michaels books.   I said "Hey!  This is MY book!" and my mom again commented that she didn't like it.  Now, there was one Barbara Michaels novel that I wasn't happy about the ending.  I was left feeling unsatisfied and it's one of the few that I haven't read multiple times.    And this book was actually it, which is kinda funny.
So what did I do?  Of course I wouldn't let them burn it.  Even if I didn't like the ending of the book, I need it to complete my collection.  And besides that, it was MY book.  I tend to be a little possessive about my books. :)    After that day, I decided to put my name in my books and I sectioned off a corner of our bookcases and told everyone in the family, these shelves are MY books.  Borrowing is fine, burning is not!

Check out Barbara Mertz/Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels website:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christopher Pike

As promised, here is an entry about one of my all-time favorite authors.  There are only two authors that I am attempting to read every single published piece they have out there.   Christopher Pike is one.  I'll write about the other one tomorrow.

I'm not sure when it was exactly that I first discovered Christopher Pike's work.  I don't have a specific memory, but I could definitely guess.  Around sixth grade I decided I didn't want to read Sweet Valley Twins anymore.  I now wanted to read Sweet Valley High.  It was a more "grown-up" version of the stories about the twins.  It took place in high school.  There was a sorority, cool cars and dating.  It was way cooler than the Sweet Valley Twins books.   I was probably in my favorite bookstore at a shopping plaza not far from my house.   This shopping plaza was not very close, but it was close enough that when I was older I could ride my bike there.  It also happened to be where my parents bought the majority of our groceries and I could usually ask to go to the bookstore while they were getting groceries and it would be okay.

I LOVED this bookstore.  In fact,  a crazy, "someday when I'm a millionaire and don't care about money" dream of mine is to own a bookstore.  I would love to run a bookstore with used and new books.  There is something very relaxing about being surrounded by books.  (yes, I love libraries!  support your local library!)

So I probably went to the bookstore to get a new Sweet Valley High book (they were a series) and they probably didn't have a new one released yet.  I was probably bored and decided to check out the other books in the Teen Section.  (wasn't young adult back then)  Since this was a small bookstore, the section I had to look at was also very small.   The Sweet Valley High books were written by Francine Pascal.  (who is actually a team of ghost writers).  Right next to Pascal, was Pike.  Christopher Pike's book, Slumber Party was there.  I believe this was one of his first novels.

Normally I don't like scary stuff.  I don't watch scary movies, I prefer Disney happy endings.  But this book got me curious.  I probably opened it to the first page and started reading, and got hooked.  I probably purchased the book and brought it home.

Christopher Pike's books were VERY popular when I was a teenager, I had many friends (and cousins) who also read his books.  I soon started a collection and would purchase his new books as soon as they came out.

I still do that to this day.  I have almost every single book he has written.  There are just a few left that I don't own.  His books usually have themes of horror, mystery, science fiction, and spirituality.  It is common to see themes from Eastern Hemisphere religions in his stories.

I really do enjoy all of his books, but if I had to pick my favorite, so far it would be "Season of Passage".

Here is a link to his fan site:

Here is his official website (not ready yet, coming soon I guess):

He is a reclusive person, there is not a lot of information out there about him.  But that's okay, I would rather read his stories and leave him alone.  I only hope that someday I can write stories as great as his.   That might mean dipping into some darker, deeper parts of the human soul than I prefer to go.

I do still love my Disney. :)

And to end today's post, I have officially "popped".  There is no hiding that I am pregnant now.   :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Belly Picture

so...yeah.  I didn't get to post on Friday.  And I didn't get to make up for it on the weekend.

So today's post will be a "belly" picture and I will do another author post tomorrow. :)

Here is a week 21 belly picture.  For those of you who don't follow "weeks" in pregnancy, this is just over 5 months.  This is also at the end of a day with loads of good food.  I am sucking in my belly for all it's worth.  At the end of the day, I always look pregnant now.  In the mornings, I just look a teeny tiny bit pregnant.

 I went shopping with my friend TC yesterday.   I had a coupon (thank you Cate!) and so I decided to get some maternity clothes.  I really didn't have anything that fit me correctly ( I need to hem the pants!) and I have been wearing my "fat" clothes from before I lost all my weight.

I made a discovery in the dressing room at the Gap Maternity store.  I have not gone up in size (with the exception of my belly) and I look really great in clothes that actually fit me!  I didn't realize until I put clothes on that fit me properly, just how dumpy I looked in my other clothes.  I didn't look fat in them.  I didn't look bad in them.  I just looked "not put together". 

I look really nice at work today!  Yay new clothes! :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

J.K. Rowling

(Sorry this post is a day late, there are two posts today, this is my Wednesday post, keep looking below for the Thursday post)

The Harry Potter book series brought me back to my love of reading while I was in college.   When I went to college, I stopped reading.  It must have been because I was studying (partying) so hard.  :)   I read my textbooks and stuff for school, but reading for fun went on the wayside.   I don't really remember doing a lot of reading for fun in college.

One night, my roommates and I were hosting a party and some friends of mine were leaving at about 11:20pm.  Which believe it or not, in college party time is way too early to leave a party.  I asked them where they were going (was there a cooler party than mine somewhere?!) and they said they were going to a book store.  At midnight?  Yep.  They were going to get book #4 in the Harry Potter series.

I laughed, I couldn't believe that anyone would be that excited to get a book.  And I couldn't believe that some book stores would actually be open at midnight!  And to top it all off, for a dumb children's book?  I found out that night that the Harry Potter series was becoming quite popular and that many children and adults were reading the books.   I refused to pick them up.  After all, I wasn't a child, I didn't read children's books.

Fast forward some time and my roommate Justin comes home from his trip to London.  (He was there completing a project for school, IQP for you WPI alums out there.)   He brought back with him the UK versions of the Harry Potter books.  And so there they were.  In my apartment.  In the living room.  On the coffee table.  And no one was home.   No one was there to see if I peeked at them. 

I picked the first one up and looked at the book.   I opened up to the first page and I asked myself "What's so great about these Harry Potter books anyway?".   The next thing I knew it was a few hours later and I had finished all the books on the table.  (Did I mention I have a rare talent of speed reading?)

I couldn't put the books down!  I hadn't felt that excited about a book or a story in ages! 

I immediately went out and bought my own copies of the books and read them AGAIN.  I was back in love with reading.  So thanks to J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter series, I became a reader again.   I do hope that J.K. Rowling will write some other stories, I would be very interested to see if I enjoy her story of Harry Potter or if I enjoy her writing style.   Some books I read I only enjoy that one story.  Other authors, I have to read every single thing they write.

If you haven't given the Harry Potter series a try, I highly recommend it.  Chances are, you know someone you can borrow them from or you can find them in used bookstores or your local library.  If you aren't into reading, try the audio books.  I think you will also discover a whole new genre of books to enjoy, Children's Literature and Young Adult novels.

I am hoping to write a Young Adult novel or Children's Literature, but I think my strong suit might be chick lit.  We shall see.  And for the November Novel Month thing?  I have complete writer's block.

E.B. White

So I will give you a bonus with today's post since I was too busy to post yesterday. (This is the Thursday post)

First off, I want to talk about E.B. White and his book Charlotte's Web.  This is the first book I can remember reading.  I was in first grade.  Yes, you read that right, first grade.   When I was in first grade my teacher was out for the year.  We had a substitute teacher, the elementary school reading specialist.  I'm not sure what she did, but reading came very easy for me and the next thing I knew I couldn't get enough books to fill my need to read.

I think my parents were surprised to see me reading the book, not just looking at the pictures.  They even have a home video of me reading the book out loud while rocking on a rocking horse that my Uncle Andy had made.  I went on to read James and the Giant Peach and other great classic books.  So while I wouldn't say he is a favorite writer, his writing had a HUGE influence on me and the rest of my life.  In fact, I'll admit, I have never read any of his other works.   I went on to always test way above my class level for reading comprehension.  In sixth grade my reading comprehension came back PHS, which meant Post-High School level.  When my parents asked about it, the teacher basically said that my comprehension was beyond the testing limits.

At this point I think my parents thought I might be some kind of reading prodigy.  (which was hard for them to understand as neither of them were the type to read a novel)  They started getting me some great classics to read.  This is where I started to rebel.  I was 12 years old after all. :)   I wanted to read Sweet Valley Twins and Babysitter's Club.  That is what all my friends were reading.   Instead, my mom got me Ivanhoe.   To this day, I have refused to read this book.

Although, I went looking for a link for you my faithful blog readers and while I was there I read a description of the book.  It actually looks like the kind of thing I might want to read.  haha, maybe I should give it a chance?  Has anyone read it?

So at 12 years old I started saving my allowance and I would buy my own books.  Which books did I like reading?  Tomorrow's post will be about that author...and guess what?  I still read every book that author releases.

Here is your bonus, I'm sorry again for forgetting to post yesterday.
This is a link to my friend Justin's blog.  He has a hilarious YouTube video on his website with a funny song about IT people.  That's me, IT people.

And oh yeah, I want this shirt.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Harry Potter movie coming soon!

I am excited about the new Harry Potter movie coming out soon.  Check out the Yahoo Movies website.  They have pictures and video and loads of information.

Yahoo also had this video online today about what Daniel Radcliffe is thinking about keeping from the movies as a souvenir.

For the past few movies I have done a movie marathon, attempting to watch all the movies in preparation for the new movie.  This year I will be doing the same thing again!  Although, it is tougher this year, most people don't want to watch all the movies in a row and well, we have lives and just don't have the time.   I'm still going to do my best to decorate, dress up as a character and make some chocolate frogs too!

So all of this Harry Potter talk is actually a great transition to my next topic.   For the rest of the month I am going to discuss my favorite writers.  I actually stole this idea from another blog.  I am going to discuss 15 writers that have influenced me.  These will be authors that either I enjoyed reading their books, they made me want to write a book, or they had a strong influence on my life.

I will start tomorrow, the first author I will discuss is one of the most popular, J.K. Rowling.

Monday, November 08, 2010


I woke up this morning to the sound of Billy Joel (my alarm clock radio) and wet splashy sounds on the window (rain-ish).   I looked outside to see what today's weather was going to look like.  Because when you live in New England, the only way to really know what the weather is going to be like, is to look out the window.
(and even then, that's only guaranteed for about 10 minutes)

We had snow this morning!  It was just a light dusting, probably not even an inch, but it was enough to stick to the ground and make it appear snowy.  Of course the weather warmed up and the snow and rain has all melted away, but it was crazy to see snow this early.   I'm used to seeing snow towards the end of November, not the beginning.

And of course my commute to work was terrible.  It was bumper to bumper, stop and go almost the entire way.  Yuck.

From now on I will have to watch the weather forecast for more snowy, sleet-type of weather so I can plan my commute (and morning!) better.  See, Oscar loves the snow.  He really really LOVES the snow.  When there is snow outside, he does not want to be inside.  In the past I needed to plan a longer morning walk just so he could do his "business" and get a chance to run around and bury his face in the snow.  It's really cute.  My husband and I made a video of him playing in the snow last year and I have to say, it's pretty adorable.  

So usually, when I lived at the condo, I would walk him on a leash.  It was easy to control when we went inside, because I could just drag him if I had to.  In the week or so we have been living at the house, I have been walking with him outside but no leash.  I am working on training him to not go near the road, only do his business in certain spots, and to return to me when I call him.  He has been doing VERY well with all of this.  Especially "the return" command.  Usually a little whistle, snap of the fingers, or his name will have him running back to me as fast as he can.

This morning?   I whistled.  Nothing.   I snapped my fingers.   Nothing.  I said his name.  Nothing.  Finally I decided I was going to have to get a flashlight to see in the dark.  (he's black and white, it's hard to see him in the dark, even with snow)   Just as I went to go back in the house to find a flashlight, he came bounding toward me.  His face was totally covered in snow.  And I swear he was smiling.

It's hard to be mad at him when he's that cute. :)

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice and all things nice!
That's what little girls are made of.

So we found out yesterday, it's a girl!  Now I just need to stop saying "it" and start saying "she" and "her".  I'm not posting a belly pic today (I was thinking I might do that every two weeks) because I don't look any different.  (I think)  Maybe I will post one next week.

Short post today, lots to do.   More tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Mom Cave

Men get "man caves", now women can have Mom Caves.  (Although why didn't they just call it a Woman's Cave?  Not all women are moms?)   I have talked about creating my own space for a while but I wasn't really sure what to call it.  I don't know if I like "mom cave".   I think I prefer coming up with something better.   My cousin Colleen used to call her bedroom at my condo "The Fortress of Solitude."

That sounds way cooler than Mom Cave.  Of course I might have to go with something really geeky and call it The Crystal Castle.   That was She-Ra's place to escape when she needed some alone time. :)   And when I was little, I wanted to be She-Ra when I grew up.   One year my parents got me a She-Ra costume for Halloween.  Everyone in the neighborhood knew who I was that year, because for the entire month prior to Halloween, I wore the costume almost every day.   It was a REALLY cool costume.  I still have the glow-in-the-dark sword that came with that costume.   (you know...just in case it turns out that I CAN be She-Ra when I grow up. :))

Short post today as I am very busy.  I am leaving work early for a doctor's appointment.  Which means tomorrow's post will be way more interesting.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I caved.

I caved and I totally bought my first baby item last night.

It was a Halloween onesie (they call it a creeper).  It's black and white with a glow-in-the-dark ghost.  Since it was the day after Halloween, it was on sale for $1.50.  I couldn't resist.  It's gender neutral, so no matter what we find out tomorrow, it should work.  Hopefully it will fit.  It looked big.  This time next year, my kid will be around 6-7 months old.  :)  I have known about my pregnancy since August, I think I did a good job "holding out" and not buying anything.  The temptation to buy has been there all along! 

I didn't put anything else away last night at the house.  I was feeling a little lazy.  But I did get all my errands done.  So we are still half-living out of boxes.   I'll need to find the rest of my clothes soon though, I'm going to run out.   I work with all men, so they might not notice if I wear the same three outfits in a rotation, but then again, they might.

My plan tonight is to find clothes, finish unpacking the bathroom and go to kickboxing.

Oh yeah, I should probably start writing that novel too.  It's November 2nd and I haven't started yet.  It's National Novel Writing Month and I wanted to participate this year.  I better get posts may be minimal this month due to writing of the novel.   But hey, if I get a novel done, maybe I can get it published, then all my readers can read the novel instead! :)  (sigh...maybe someday.)

Monday, November 01, 2010

Moving weekend was fun...sort of.

So we are all moved in!

We still need to put everything away, but everyone has been moved.  My sister is all settled at our condo and we have all of our belongings at the house.  Our bed is set up, we have clean clothes to wear to work and the kitchen is about 80% put away.   Every time I think I am all done with the kitchen, I find another box of dishes or food!  It's amazing the amount of "stuff" we have.  I am determined to minimize our belongings.   This may be an uphill battle because I think my husband is determined to get more stuff to add to his already huge pile.

This past weekend he mentioned to some friends that he was totally a hoarder.  I told him that I didn't think he was a hoarder, he wasn't that bad.   His response?  "You're holding me back babe."    Good thing, we have enough junk!

Our friends are also moved in to their place just down the street which is nice.  Having neighbors that you are friends with is always fun.   We all took a break from moving and packing and unpacking and cleaning to watch the Patriots game last night.  Go PATS!  It was a great game, which of course means we won.

Oscar seems to be adjusting to the house okay.  He seems a little freaked out.  His ears are down, but his tail isn't, which to me just means he is confused, not sad.  Every time Anthony or I went near a door he would get excited.  Either he wanted to go out in our new big yard or he thought we were leaving.  He got very disappointed if we didn't leave.  He got VERY upset if we left without him, and he has been a very bad dog and already tried "escaping" a few times.   His attempts at "escape" aren't really him running away.  It's his way of making sure we don't go anywhere without him.   I don't blame him at all.  If I didn't know why I was in a strange house that smelled funny and I was being left alone there, I would make sure they were taking me with them wherever they were going as well!

Since Anthony and I have to be at work all day today, hopefully he will be okay.   At least he has windows to look out of, which he has never had before.

One more fun thing before I sign off this post today.   They were testing the fire alarms at work today.  One alarm in particular was piercing and very loud (flashing lights too).  And then within a few seconds of it starting (they left it going for almost a minute) I felt....I don't know..."something" from below.  Not really fluttering.  Not rolling or kicking or bubbles.  Just "something".   It wasn't subtle, and it wasn't really painful, but it wasn't ticklish either.   I decided to hightail it out of the area and away from the noise.  Once I got away from the noise it went away.  After the alarms were done, I felt a little more of that "flip" feeling I felt in the past and now all seems to be quiet.   So I *think* I felt the baby, but I'm just not sure.  I still have no belly.  I still can't feel it.   I'll do another "belly" picture later this week.  Maybe.  I don't look any different from the last time.

This was starting to bother me a bit, but I did a google search.  I looked up "19 weeks not showing".  I found links to forums where other women were as far along as myself (I'll be 20 weeks on Wednesday) and not showing.  So I feel much better.   Although I did consider getting my sister's boyfriend to grab his stethoscope and listen to make sure it was still in there.  (He's one last rotation and test away from becoming a Physician's Assistant.)

Besides my appetite, I barely know I am pregnant.   2nd Trimester ultrasound this week.  I'm sure Thursday's post this week will be exciting. :)