Monday, November 29, 2010

Baby can kick....and kick hard!

Hey everyone -   How was your holiday break?

The last four days for me were great!  I felt like I took a vacation from work.  The best part?  I didn't go anywhere, (except for the actual holiday) so it was actually relaxing.  I spent the majority of the time hanging out with my husband which was nice.  He is my favorite person in the whole world, so I do like to spend as much time with him as I can.  

The baby was very active this weekend.  In fact, we got to feel the baby kicking from the outside this weekend!
On Saturday night Anthony was cooking dinner and I was watching the TV.  All of a sudden the baby started moving around and kicking.  She was packing quite a punch and I wondered if I could feel her movements on the outside of my belly.  So I put my hand on my belly and "plop!" I felt it!

I rushed into the kitchen to make Anthony feel it too, but then she stopped.  Every time she started up again, he was busy at the grill, so he didn't get to feel it that night.

But on Sunday morning, as I was just waking up, she was moving again.  So this time when Anthony was half-asleep, I pulled his hand onto my belly.  And "PLOP!" there she goes again.  I didn't say anything, because I wanted him to ask me about it and he said "Was that it?" and I said "Yep!" and he said "Neat." and I said "and weird."  And he agreed.

Yes it is totally cool to be able to feel the baby.  But at the same time it is totally freaky weird to have something inside of you moving around and being all squirmy like.  It is not normal.  It is freaky weird.

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Mimi said...

That "Wierd" feeling is something you will remember all your life... Even many many years after.. I do

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