Thursday, November 18, 2010

Barbara Michaels

Barbara Michaels is the other author that I want to read every single one of her books.  I have almost the entire collection, I just need a few more.

I discovered her writing when I was in high school.   My cousin and I were visiting each other and she had two books with her that I became interested in.   (Growing up, a lot of the books I ended up enjoying were books that she had also read.)

The first was an Anne Rice book.  I'll get into that book and author in a different post.  The second book was "Wait for What Will Come" by Barbara Michaels. 

I think I have read this book four or five times now.  I was immediately hooked.  After that I started to seek out her books and I found that our local library (in the town I grew up in) had a large collection of her novels.  I couldn't read them fast enough to be honest.   Her stories are usually gothic mystery, usually with a female lead character and occasionally will have a supernatural element to it.   The heroine almost always ends up with a love interest by the end of the novel and I really enjoy trying to guess who will be her "one and only" at the end.  Love, love, love these books. 

One year, for Christmas, my parents bought me about ten of her novels.  The hardest part that year was waiting until we were done opening presents to read my books!  (and choose which one to read first!)

I do have two funny stories in relation to this author as well. 

First story:
I was on a ski vacation once and was bored one evening.  I decided to look at the book collections in the townhouse we were renting (this was in college, or just after college) and I found a mystery novel.   I really enjoyed the book and when we returned home I decided to research the author so I could read more of her books.  Guess what?   The author of that book, Elizabeth Peters, just so happened to be the SAME woman as Barbara Michaels.   This author uses a pen name for the various genres that she writes in.   I was very excited to then have even MORE books to choose from.  

Second story:
The majority of my book collection resides at my parent's house in northern Vermont.  The collection keeps growing and I really hope that someday I can have an old-fashioned library like I get to read about in my many Barbara Michaels books.   One evening, a few summers ago, I was in Vermont visiting my parents and we were looking for something to start a bonfire with.  We must have run out of newspaper.  My mom said "I have a book you can use, it was just awful."  Immediately I was horrified, I wasn't about to let someone burn a book!  My mom insisted that it was a terrible book and no one was going to want to read it.  So I asked to read it before we tossed it into a bonfire so that I could be the judge and decide if it needed to be burned.  My mom handed me the book....and it was one of my Barbara Michaels books.   I said "Hey!  This is MY book!" and my mom again commented that she didn't like it.  Now, there was one Barbara Michaels novel that I wasn't happy about the ending.  I was left feeling unsatisfied and it's one of the few that I haven't read multiple times.    And this book was actually it, which is kinda funny.
So what did I do?  Of course I wouldn't let them burn it.  Even if I didn't like the ending of the book, I need it to complete my collection.  And besides that, it was MY book.  I tend to be a little possessive about my books. :)    After that day, I decided to put my name in my books and I sectioned off a corner of our bookcases and told everyone in the family, these shelves are MY books.  Borrowing is fine, burning is not!

Check out Barbara Mertz/Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels website:

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Hehe, you also shared authors you loved with me.. your crazy cousin.

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