Thursday, November 11, 2010

E.B. White

So I will give you a bonus with today's post since I was too busy to post yesterday. (This is the Thursday post)

First off, I want to talk about E.B. White and his book Charlotte's Web.  This is the first book I can remember reading.  I was in first grade.  Yes, you read that right, first grade.   When I was in first grade my teacher was out for the year.  We had a substitute teacher, the elementary school reading specialist.  I'm not sure what she did, but reading came very easy for me and the next thing I knew I couldn't get enough books to fill my need to read.

I think my parents were surprised to see me reading the book, not just looking at the pictures.  They even have a home video of me reading the book out loud while rocking on a rocking horse that my Uncle Andy had made.  I went on to read James and the Giant Peach and other great classic books.  So while I wouldn't say he is a favorite writer, his writing had a HUGE influence on me and the rest of my life.  In fact, I'll admit, I have never read any of his other works.   I went on to always test way above my class level for reading comprehension.  In sixth grade my reading comprehension came back PHS, which meant Post-High School level.  When my parents asked about it, the teacher basically said that my comprehension was beyond the testing limits.

At this point I think my parents thought I might be some kind of reading prodigy.  (which was hard for them to understand as neither of them were the type to read a novel)  They started getting me some great classics to read.  This is where I started to rebel.  I was 12 years old after all. :)   I wanted to read Sweet Valley Twins and Babysitter's Club.  That is what all my friends were reading.   Instead, my mom got me Ivanhoe.   To this day, I have refused to read this book.

Although, I went looking for a link for you my faithful blog readers and while I was there I read a description of the book.  It actually looks like the kind of thing I might want to read.  haha, maybe I should give it a chance?  Has anyone read it?

So at 12 years old I started saving my allowance and I would buy my own books.  Which books did I like reading?  Tomorrow's post will be about that author...and guess what?  I still read every book that author releases.

Here is your bonus, I'm sorry again for forgetting to post yesterday.
This is a link to my friend Justin's blog.  He has a hilarious YouTube video on his website with a funny song about IT people.  That's me, IT people.

And oh yeah, I want this shirt.

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