Thursday, November 11, 2010

J.K. Rowling

(Sorry this post is a day late, there are two posts today, this is my Wednesday post, keep looking below for the Thursday post)

The Harry Potter book series brought me back to my love of reading while I was in college.   When I went to college, I stopped reading.  It must have been because I was studying (partying) so hard.  :)   I read my textbooks and stuff for school, but reading for fun went on the wayside.   I don't really remember doing a lot of reading for fun in college.

One night, my roommates and I were hosting a party and some friends of mine were leaving at about 11:20pm.  Which believe it or not, in college party time is way too early to leave a party.  I asked them where they were going (was there a cooler party than mine somewhere?!) and they said they were going to a book store.  At midnight?  Yep.  They were going to get book #4 in the Harry Potter series.

I laughed, I couldn't believe that anyone would be that excited to get a book.  And I couldn't believe that some book stores would actually be open at midnight!  And to top it all off, for a dumb children's book?  I found out that night that the Harry Potter series was becoming quite popular and that many children and adults were reading the books.   I refused to pick them up.  After all, I wasn't a child, I didn't read children's books.

Fast forward some time and my roommate Justin comes home from his trip to London.  (He was there completing a project for school, IQP for you WPI alums out there.)   He brought back with him the UK versions of the Harry Potter books.  And so there they were.  In my apartment.  In the living room.  On the coffee table.  And no one was home.   No one was there to see if I peeked at them. 

I picked the first one up and looked at the book.   I opened up to the first page and I asked myself "What's so great about these Harry Potter books anyway?".   The next thing I knew it was a few hours later and I had finished all the books on the table.  (Did I mention I have a rare talent of speed reading?)

I couldn't put the books down!  I hadn't felt that excited about a book or a story in ages! 

I immediately went out and bought my own copies of the books and read them AGAIN.  I was back in love with reading.  So thanks to J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter series, I became a reader again.   I do hope that J.K. Rowling will write some other stories, I would be very interested to see if I enjoy her story of Harry Potter or if I enjoy her writing style.   Some books I read I only enjoy that one story.  Other authors, I have to read every single thing they write.

If you haven't given the Harry Potter series a try, I highly recommend it.  Chances are, you know someone you can borrow them from or you can find them in used bookstores or your local library.  If you aren't into reading, try the audio books.  I think you will also discover a whole new genre of books to enjoy, Children's Literature and Young Adult novels.

I am hoping to write a Young Adult novel or Children's Literature, but I think my strong suit might be chick lit.  We shall see.  And for the November Novel Month thing?  I have complete writer's block.

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Justin said...

I don't remember if I told you this or not.... but I only bought the first one when I was in London because it was the British version, with a different title as a souvenir. The I read it that night. The next morning I bought the other ones and read them the following night.

I, too, was resisting the Harry Potter "fad" because it seemed to be equal to Pokemon and I despised the annoyance that Pokemon brought me when I was working in the mall.

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