Monday, November 01, 2010

Moving weekend was fun...sort of.

So we are all moved in!

We still need to put everything away, but everyone has been moved.  My sister is all settled at our condo and we have all of our belongings at the house.  Our bed is set up, we have clean clothes to wear to work and the kitchen is about 80% put away.   Every time I think I am all done with the kitchen, I find another box of dishes or food!  It's amazing the amount of "stuff" we have.  I am determined to minimize our belongings.   This may be an uphill battle because I think my husband is determined to get more stuff to add to his already huge pile.

This past weekend he mentioned to some friends that he was totally a hoarder.  I told him that I didn't think he was a hoarder, he wasn't that bad.   His response?  "You're holding me back babe."    Good thing, we have enough junk!

Our friends are also moved in to their place just down the street which is nice.  Having neighbors that you are friends with is always fun.   We all took a break from moving and packing and unpacking and cleaning to watch the Patriots game last night.  Go PATS!  It was a great game, which of course means we won.

Oscar seems to be adjusting to the house okay.  He seems a little freaked out.  His ears are down, but his tail isn't, which to me just means he is confused, not sad.  Every time Anthony or I went near a door he would get excited.  Either he wanted to go out in our new big yard or he thought we were leaving.  He got very disappointed if we didn't leave.  He got VERY upset if we left without him, and he has been a very bad dog and already tried "escaping" a few times.   His attempts at "escape" aren't really him running away.  It's his way of making sure we don't go anywhere without him.   I don't blame him at all.  If I didn't know why I was in a strange house that smelled funny and I was being left alone there, I would make sure they were taking me with them wherever they were going as well!

Since Anthony and I have to be at work all day today, hopefully he will be okay.   At least he has windows to look out of, which he has never had before.

One more fun thing before I sign off this post today.   They were testing the fire alarms at work today.  One alarm in particular was piercing and very loud (flashing lights too).  And then within a few seconds of it starting (they left it going for almost a minute) I felt....I don't know..."something" from below.  Not really fluttering.  Not rolling or kicking or bubbles.  Just "something".   It wasn't subtle, and it wasn't really painful, but it wasn't ticklish either.   I decided to hightail it out of the area and away from the noise.  Once I got away from the noise it went away.  After the alarms were done, I felt a little more of that "flip" feeling I felt in the past and now all seems to be quiet.   So I *think* I felt the baby, but I'm just not sure.  I still have no belly.  I still can't feel it.   I'll do another "belly" picture later this week.  Maybe.  I don't look any different from the last time.

This was starting to bother me a bit, but I did a google search.  I looked up "19 weeks not showing".  I found links to forums where other women were as far along as myself (I'll be 20 weeks on Wednesday) and not showing.  So I feel much better.   Although I did consider getting my sister's boyfriend to grab his stethoscope and listen to make sure it was still in there.  (He's one last rotation and test away from becoming a Physician's Assistant.)

Besides my appetite, I barely know I am pregnant.   2nd Trimester ultrasound this week.  I'm sure Thursday's post this week will be exciting. :)


Justin said...

Xanax and Prozax are both drugs that dogs can take with no significant side-effects.

If Oscar starts acting out (Tetsu will, literally, destroy things when he freaks out) you might want to put him on one or the other until he settles into the new home.

Tetsu has broken windows, ripped out a cat door and shredded lots of clothing.

Dani said...


Oscar is too much of an angel for us to ever need to worry about that. The worst we can expect of him is for him to sneak out a door while we are leaving, have an accident in the house, or jump on us in greeting. That's his worst behavior. :)

So no doggy xanax for him! Thanks for the tip though.

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