Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Turkey...gobble gobble

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and most of us will be eating turkey.   Did you want to know where your turkey might come from?   If not, then stop reading here and have a good day tomorrow! 

Okay, you were warned!

For the rest of us, I have a link to a REAL turkey farmer.   They don't raise the kind of turkeys that will be on our tables tomorrow, rather they raise the kinds of turkeys that end up in our deli sandwiches.  Regardless, I thought it was nice to see just how well these turkeys are treated.

Happy animals = good tasting meat.

I have posted before about how I find it hard sometimes to be a carnivore, but the more farmers I meet, the better I feel about it.  REAL farmers care about their animals. 

Here is a link to On the Banks of Squaw Creek.   Check it out!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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