Monday, December 20, 2010

Did you miss me?

On Friday I spent the day moving one of our offices from an old location to a new one.   This meant that I was away from my computer almost the entire day.  It also meant I was not on the internet or on any chat program.

I let my husband know that I would be offline most of the day Friday.  I didn't tell anyone else.

Apparently some people were worried!  Awww! :)  I'm glad you all missed me.   I was fine.   Some days I'm just not on the computer.  This usually means that I do not update my blog as well.

I'm sure you have noticed I do not update on the weekends.   The majority of my life is spent in front of a computer.  I try to get away from it on the weekends and evenings, I think it's better for me that way.  It would be way too easy to just go home and plop myself in front of the TV or computer again when I got home. 

So what else?  I probably won't have too many updates this week.  The Christmas holiday is the end of the this week and I will be very busy.   Loads of people to visit, presents to wrap and I am taking some time off of work as well.  I'm hoping later this week to have another video of Oscar.

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