Friday, December 10, 2010

Facebook Spam: Not from me.

Hey everyone -

Most of you know me, and know that I do NOT use facebook.  I used to have an account but I had deleted it.  Or so I thought.  This morning a friend of mine sent me a note saying:

Him:  your facebook account is sending spam
Me:  I don't have a facebook account
Him: came from you
Me:  interesting.  Can you forward it to me?

So he forwards me the email and it does look like it's from me.  It's using my full name and my maiden last name.  It even has a picture of me.  (how scary is that?!)  The picture it was using was a picture that I used to have up as a profile picture from WAY back.  It's the very first profile picture I used and then deleted when I changed it.  I "deleted" my facebook account over a year ago.

So of course I had to do some digging.  Which meant I had to try logging into my account and hey look at that!  I do have an account.  They NEVER deleted it.  Those jerks!

So I went through and I deleted all my wall posts, all my friends and every message I had in there.  I tried to clear it out and make it as private as possible.  Then I set it to actually delete.  (Facebook has since added an actual delete feature.)  In two weeks my account should be deleted as long as I don't log into it.  (I also changed my password in case someone had actually hacked my account.)

So in two weeks...that account better be deleted.  I also sent in a report to facebook about the phishing scheme email.  I doubt I will hear back from anyone.  This was definitely the last straw for me.  I will NEVER join facebook now. 

There is no way that my "friends" should be getting an email that looks like it's from a facebook account of me with my picture and my maiden name on it IF my account was truly deactivated and facebook NEVER sells our information to third parties. 

My account had not been tampered with.  I had no "sent" items to my friends.  Some other third party used my profile picture and name (that they *only* could have gotten on my old facebook profile), sent a fancy email that made it look like it came from facebook and also got my contacts email addresses.   They either stole this information or it was sold to them. much money do the facebook founders have?  And how do they get that much money?  Users don't pay for the service.  The money must come from somewhere.

Nothing you put on the internet is private folks, just remember that.  I don't care what the privacy policies say.  The same goes for this blog, gmail, google, facebook, yahoo email, and the list goes on.  It doesn't matter.  If you post it online, even with secure passwords, it is available to unscrupulous people somewhere.  Guaranteed.

All of this makes me a little worried about how freely even I will use online banking and making purchases online.  Somewhere someone is tracking every move I make in an effort to either spy on me or learn what I might buy next and how they can influence that decision.    I should just go live in a cave.

So...if you got a facebook message from me, please delete.  I do not have a facebook account.
And now, because of this experience, I NEVER will.

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Anonymous said...

Find a BIG cave. I might join you! :) KJ

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