Thursday, December 16, 2010

My dog has a Hollywood smile!

Yesterday Oscar had to get his teeth cleaned at the vet.   For those of you out there who do not have dogs, this is actually a lot more complicated than you would think (and a LOT more expensive!).

When the vet has to clean a dog's teeth, they need to put him under anesthesia.  This is for the dog's comfort and safety as well as the doctor.  So this is an all day event that involves drugs and procedures and a lot of our money.   The reason Oscar needed his teeth cleaned was because he had a lot of plaque build-up.  He didn't have any infections or signs of gum disease (and his breath hasn't been too stinky) but the doctor recommended it as a precautionary measure to prevent any future problems.

Anthony thinks the vet just wanted our money.  I told him that they probably did want our money, but that they also care about the health of our dog.  (we go to a great office, they love the animals!)  If we want him to live a long happy life without bad breath, we need to take better care of his teeth.  We don't brush his teeth as often as we should.  Which we have NO excuse for, since Oscar loves to have his teeth brushed.  I think he likes to eat the toothpaste (it's beef flavored) more than opening his mouth to let us brush, but he does enjoy it. :)

We also don't give him enough bones or hard chew toys to chew on.  If we did, the chewing would remove some of the plaque on his teeth as well.  So lucky Oscar, we are going to give him more bones!

When Oscar first came home, he was still under the influence of the drugs.  His eyes had that funny look and his tail was down.  He was being very low-key actually.  He ate some food which was good and basically just wanted to cuddle in my lap.  Once Oscar was feeling better, I decided to check out his teeth...and WOW I was impressed.  They were WHITE (not yellow) and he looked great.  Now it's my job to keep them looking that way. 

And lucky for you, all my readers,  I have a picture of his Hollywood smile:  (with help from me)


Caitlin said...

Switch to raw and you'll never have to worry about his teeth again! :-)

Sorry for the random comment, but I like to spread the raw cheer around whenever I can. Also, someone mentioned that you were expecting so I hopped on over here to read up on the details.

Congrats and best wishes!

Dani said...

Hi Caitlin!

Thanks for the well wishes. :) I have never thought about a raw diet for a dog, got any links or recipes? Do you find it's expensive?
(I'm sure Oscar would love it, he does love his veggies.)

Caitlin said...

haha, you might be sorry you asked! :-D I have a lot of information to share.

It'll probably be easier for me to put it all in an email. Do you still use your gmail address?

Feeding a raw diet could be pricey depending on what you buy and who you buy from, but basically I've found that the way I am able to purchase, store, and divide up the meats I feed my dogs makes it incredibly cheaper than even a high-quality kibble. There are several schools of thought on raw diets, and each has it's merits and there is no right way to do it. So you will have to do your research and decide what makes you most comfortable.

I feed the Prey-model raw diet, so it is funny you mention veggies since that is not considered a necessary part of this type of diet. Although if something cellulose-based falls on the floor while I'm in the kitchen, it's still fair game for the furry kids to slurp up. However, there is the BARF raw diet that DOES include fruits and veggies (don't worry about the name stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food).

I'll explain it all in an email, send some links for all the variants of canine raw diet that I usually send people interested in learning about it, and I'll let you know my methods. If you find you are seriously considering it, I'm certainly available to answer any questions you might have!

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