Monday, December 27, 2010

Snuggies rule! (who knew?)

I hope everyone had a good holiday! 

I had a great one.  I got almost everything I wanted and I got to visit with some relatives that I haven't seen in a while.  I had Christmas morning at my sister's house where we did a webcam Christmas with my parents and ate Cinnabons (a tradition my dad started when we were teenagers!). :)

One gift that surprised me (meaning, I was surprised by how much I like it) was a New England Patriots Snuggie.  (the blanket with sleeves)  This isn't the type of thing that I would ever buy for myself and I thought I might make fun of it as a gift....but we have blizzard like weather here today (and yesterday) and it is very warm!  And the sleeves are very convenient.  Especially while snacking during the Patriots game. :)   (and we won the game!  yay my weekend keeps getting better!)

Oscar got a really cool gift as well.  It's a light that attaches to his collar.  It glows a bright red-orange color and we put it on his collar last night.  I let him out into the blizzard and then watched through the window.  I yelled out to Anthony "he looks like Rudolph out there, that is awesome!".   So thank you mom and dad for the snuggie and Oscar's new light.  

And today I am wearing the sweater my dad gave me.  Not because it's cold (he's worried it's too cold where I live) but because it's cozy.   This house actually holds heat very nicely, especially the bedrooms.  The coldest room is the living room, and we keep a bunch of blankets in there anyway.  (It's usually where Oscar can be found napping during the day when we are not home, naughty dog! sleeping on the couch!)

We spent Christmas afternoon and evening at Anthony's mom's house.  The entire family was there so it got a little crowded, but it wouldn't be a family christmas without some craziness!  There were about 12 adults, 3 kids (two were under the age of two) and three dogs.  There is a cat there too, but she wisely hides while we are all there.  It was really nice to visit with Anthony's brother and his family.  My sister-in-law and I get along really well and I wish we lived closer so we could hang out more!  Especially because their daughter is really adorable and lots of fun.  She is a very good natured kid, even when she gets cranky.  I'll be lucky if our baby turns out the same way! :)   The best part about her though?  She ADORED Anthony.  Couldn't stay away from him.  She spent the majority of her time climbing on top of him, grabbing his t-shirt with both hands, giggling in his face and then hugging him.  It was VERY cute.   He was making funny faces at her and making her laugh too.  At one point he was shaking his hair at her (his hair has grown quite long...Tom Brady has started a trend I'm afraid) and she then shook her head back at him, just copying what he was doing.  And since their hairstyles are fairly similar, it was very cute.  I wish I had caught that on video, but the timing never worked out.

She was very adorable and made me look forward just a little bit more to having our own cute little girl to play with. :)  Only three more months!  

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