Monday, December 06, 2010

Weight Loss then Pregnancy

Because I was trying to lose weight and then I got pregnant, I never really did learn how to maintain my weight.  I was working on the slow weight loss and now that I have a baby to grow, I need to work on the slow weight gain.   It's hard to know when you are eating too little or too much or just enough.

My doctor says I am doing a great job on my weight gain.  I'm 2 pounds below the average weight gain at this point in my pregnancy, so I even have a little wiggle room.   So I must be doing a good job....but I am SO HUNGRY!

When I got the hunger pains before and it wasn't one of my six scheduled meals,  I would ignore the hunger pains and tell them to go away.  Now I can't ignore those.  Typically, at 9pm if I was hungry I would have nothing, a glass of water, or a small glass of milk.  Now if I get hungry at 9pm I HAVE to eat.  Something substantial, with protein.  If I don't, I'm guaranteed to wake up at 1am with a growling stomach.  (Also, if I am hungry, it means the baby is hungry.  So now, if I ignore the hunger pains, I'm making my baby wait as well...this is not a good thing.  Growling stomach equals eat.  Now.)

The other night, it was 11pm and my stomach was growling so loud, my husband heard it.  He said, you better eat something.  I had a cheese stick.  I really wanted Southwestern Egg Rolls from Chilis.  Good thing I'm a nice wife and I didn't make my husband go get them.   There is no guarantee about tonight though.  I feel like I want some American Chop Suey...and maybe some watermelon.  (bonus points if anyone knows the reference!)


Marybeth @ AlarmClockWars said...

Mmm... Southwestern Egg Rolls... If I made my hubby go get them for me, it'd be over an hour round trip! I'd better never be that mean...

Dani said...

Yes that would be mean!

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