Thursday, December 23, 2010

Whoa. Time flies.

I realized this morning that my baby's due date is exactly three months from today.

Where did the time go?!

I have started having the "dreams" that I have heard other pregnant women (and the books) mention.  They started three nights ago.  Very colorful, vivid, wild dreams!  On occasion I will have dreams like this, they usually "stick" with me when I wake up and I will write them down.  So when I read that this happens to pregnant women, I started looking forward to them.  I won't share all the details, but I did have my first dream about the baby as well.  In my dream the baby was about 6-8 months old (not a newborn) and would say "Mommy!" and light up when I walked in the room.  In my dream this made me very happy and I absolutely adored this baby.  And then I tried correcting the baby to say "Mama" instead of "Mommy".

I was very amused by this dream when I woke up.  Especially because in this dream, the baby was a boy. haha!

Yesterday I had the day off from work and I spent it shopping with my sister and one of my sisters-in-law.  I had a great time.   I didn't have anything that I *had* to buy so it was a fun relaxing experience.   Okay, so I *had* to buy some Lindt chocolate truffles.  But that was it. :)

I did find a sparkly shirt I can wear to a friend's New Years Eve party, so that is good.  It's going to be fancy this year (black tie optional) so everyone is dressing up.  I was a little worried about what I was going to wear, but it looks like black pants and sparkly top will be it.  I was hoping to wear a dress, but who cares, I'll be more comfy in my pants anyway. :)

Just because you are pregnant, does not mean you can't look fabulous!
Merry Christmas everyone!


Tara said...

Yeah, I have a dress that is very high-waisted and I think that that will work for the party. I'm going to wait and try it on in a few days, hopefully it'll fit ok but I think it will. I'm slightly more concerned about shoes! I got the dress for a summer wedding so I wore fancy silver flip-flops with it, not really the thing for a New Years get together. Maybe I can find some silver flats.

Can't wait to see you there!

Dani said...

oh good! I can't wait to see you as well. :)
Definitely go for flats. I'll probably have snow boots on and then change until flats when I get there.

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