Monday, December 13, 2010

Winner and more facebook grumbling.

So I have picked a winner in my contest.  We had four people guess correctly, but only one didn't need to google the answer.  I have decided that person is the winner, Tara!

It's my blog, so I get to choose who I want to win.  Plus she's having a girl and she is due same day as me, so I get to pick her as the winner. :)   If we had a few more entries into the contest, I would have done the drawing from a hat.  Maybe for the next time.   So what was the correct answer?

Jim Dear opens the front door and there is a blizzard outside.  He yells up the stairs:
"Darling, are you sure you want watermelon?"
Darling replies: "Uh huh, and some chop suey too!"

This is from Lady and The Tramp!  Lady looks on this scene half awake.  I loved this movie growing up and now that I am pregnant and have a dog of my own, it takes on new significance.   We get to see the arrival of a baby from the dog's point of view.   One of my favorite scenes is when Lady sings "What is a baby anyway?" and she sneaks upstairs to see what is going on and Jim Dear and Darling let her peek at the baby.   Lady instantly falls in love with the baby and is the baby's protector.    GREAT movie.  I need to get this on DVD.

So the prize that I wanted to give was this:
Lady and the Tramp Ornament

But it's sold out.  booo!  So I'll pick out a new prize soon, and I'll send it along to Tara.

I'm sure you all saw my facebook grumbling last week.  The story didn't end there.  On Saturday morning with the help of a friend, I found out that there was ANOTHER profile with my name and picture.  Yep, two profiles on facebook.  I have now deleted all friends from both profiles, deleted all wall posts and have set both accounts for REAL deletion.   Well, as real as facebook will actually delete the accounts.  I don't believe they will ever truly be deleted.   One of my accounts had been deactivated and had zero activity for THREE years.   And they kept all of my information.  Why?  According to my husband, he says they are convinced that if I leave, I will come back.   No way.  No how.  Never happening now.   I don't care if I am the last person to not be on facebook, I now refuse to join.   Want to guess how stubborn I can be?

Ok, I am done with my facebook ranting.

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JoAnne said...

Guess it's been way too long since I read or saw, my favorite story of all time.

You were right, Dani, I should have known the answer.


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