Thursday, December 09, 2010

you should call my bluffs

Happy Thursday everyone!

Anthony and I were cracking up over that poor dog who was so sad in yesterday's post.  Too cute, if you haven't seen it yet, check it out.  (see yesterday's post).   Of course, what I wasn't expecting, was to find my own sad dog when I got home.  He had left me a present under the tree.  Well, technically it was next to the tree.  It wasn't the kind of present you usually want to find from your dog.   :)

Story Time:
I once got a birthday card from a boyfriend in college.  The front of the card was a picture of a dog.  It said "I made you a present."  and the inside said "it's in the front yard.".   My boyfriend at the time thought it was hilarious.   I only thought it was funny if there was a real home made present sitting in the front yard, not the brown and smelly dog-made kind.   There wasn't.  I was a little upset.   (Don't worry folks, we talked about it, and he made it up to me, he wasn't a bad boyfriend, he just didn't know that young ladies like romantic or special gifts, and typically don't want potty-humor gifts.)  Needless to say, we aren't together anymore but we did actually remain friends after a period of time.  I wonder what he is up to these days?

Lucky for me I am now married to a guy who knows not to get me a birthday card like that. :)  He is usually either GREAT at picking out presents...or completely wrong.  Most of the time he gets it perfect.  And regardless of the gift, he ALWAYS gets a great card.  Love my man! :)

So back to the title of my post.  You should call my bluffs.  I always write about how I am going to do this or that....and then I don't.  For example, last week I promised a post with a video of my dog.  I didn't do that.  At least not yet!

Here you go!  A video of my dog.  He is playing with a chestnut or acorn or something he found in the yard.  Every time I tried to move closer, he thought I was going to steal his new toy, so he ran away.   At the end is my husband on the roof of the house we are renting (he was cleaning out the gutters).

Don't forget to try and guess what I was referencing in my earlier posts this week, there will be a prize!


Sarah Cargill said...

I know the reference but I cheated and googled it does that count : ) !!!

Ronja said...

I know too... and now that you said you googled I have to admit that I did too haha.

Jo said...

I haven't googled it and I don't have a clue. Any more hints?

Marybeth @ AlarmClockWars said...

I remember that card! Though to be honest I can't remember the boyfriend for sure... think I have an idea though... ;)

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