Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Glucose Test Round 2

So I didn't "pass" my gestational diabetes test that I mentioned in last week's post.

That means yesterday I had to do the second more detailed test and I wasn't feeling well all day, so I didn't post an update.  I'm sorry about that, I do know that I have a few readers who like me to update every day. :)
(I'm specifically talking about my sister.)

The second test for gestational diabetes is similar to the first test, but has a lot more blood drawn, more fasting and more specific instructions for what to eat beforehand.  I won't get into details because I am sure there are many resources on the internet that can explain it a lot better than I can.   Besides that, every office and doctor has their own methods I'm sure.  

Regardless, for me, this test went about as well as it did last week.   Since I knew ahead of time that I might get um, let's call it "cranky" after fasting, I was well prepared to keep my mood light on Monday morning. :)  I think I succeeded.   I also prepared the night before a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to eat immediately after the test.  I mentally prepared myself and hoped for the best.  I basically had the exact same reaction about 30 minutes after drinking the glucose stuff.  I just felt very sick and whatever was in me, I wanted it OUT.
(I have been told I will feel the same way about the baby in a few months. :))

Luckily, as the test went on (3 hours!) I did start to feel better.  The only bad part was for the rest of the day I felt nauseous and hungry at the same time.  It was very similar to how I felt in my first trimester.

But seriously...I still say the meanest thing you can do to a pregnant woman is tell her she can't eat.  Then make her drink a disgustingly sweet sugar drink and then draw blood out of her.  And in this second case, FOUR vials.  So I have fasted, feel gross and now you want to draw blood.  How exactly is this good for me or for the baby?

Okay, okay so I know that these tests are necessary for our health and blah blah blah.  I still want to whine about it.  It has been the worst experience of my pregnancy so far.  Which means I have been very lucky.  I really have had a very pleasant experience.  (so far)

I will try to update with a belly picture soon, because the past 2-3 weeks I have actually sprouted what looks like a pregnant belly.  Tomorrow's post will be about a topic that was inspired by another blog.

Oh, and it's January, which means I promised my friend Marybeth that I would write a book.  Four days into January, I haven't written anything yet.  It's still pretty much in my head.  I guess I better get started. :)

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