Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Last post about car least until we buy a car.

I'm going to try not to post too much more about car dealerships and get back to more interesting topics.  (like what?  I don't know...who reads this stuff anyway?)  But I do have one more comment about the car dealers.

Since we left the "bad" place last Wednesday, I have been called EVERY SINGLE DAY since then with messages from this guy and that guy and the sales manager, etc.  They want us back and they want us back bad.  Do they think we are stupid?  They must.  They must think they are going to get a good deal with us.  I don't think so.  Now they not only made me mad last Wednesday, but now they have annoyed me every single day.  And oh yeah, did I mention that they also emailed me?

Yesterday's message from them said they had some used vehicles just arrived (from their ripping off customers over the weekend with trade-ins?) in our price range.  They mentioned the vehicle we were interested in and they mentioned another that we said we were NOT interested in.  Yeesh.

The second dealer we visited?  The one where we had to ask for help?  Where we had to practically beg to have someone try to sell us something?   We haven't heard from them.  Nada.  I bet we won't.   I bet we won't be buying a car from them either.

In fact, I am pretty sure we will not be buying a car from either dealer.

So on to new topics!  Okay, maybe not.  This one is sort of pregnancy related.  There is a contest to meet the author of the Twilight Series.  You have to SNAIL MAIL your entry in.  I figure this knocks out 75% of the competition to win right there.  Do kids these days even know how to send something in the mail?  HA!

Anyway, I can't enter the contest because you need to be available to meet Stephenie Meyer between March 15th and April 15th.  So I can't go because I would be either ready to pop or I would have a newborn to look after.  Which is a total bummer.  So I think everyone else should enter for me....and if they win, go, tell me all about it and let me live vicariously through you.  Sound fun?

Here is the information you need:
The Twilight Saga Official Guide Contest Rules

Good luck everyone, and hey, at least me not being able to enter means one less person for you to compete with.  And for some more happy reading, go check out Allan Leverone's latest blog post.  It cracked me up!  I have a copy of his digital short stories, he is a great writer.   I hope that I can write as well and get something published someday.   That probably means I should go work on my story for Marybeth...due in 6 days....ack!

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