Monday, January 24, 2011

ok, at least TRY to sell us something

Anthony and I visited another car dealer this past Saturday to test drive another vehicle.  Now, we know it was Saturday and they were busy, but we didn't expect to have to ask for a sales person.

Yep. We had to ask.

We were wandering around, looking at obviously family vehicles.  We were prime for picking!  We almost left!

We went to the reception desk and asked for a sales rep so we could find out what kinds of used cars they had available in the model we were interested in.   Someone was paged to come help us, and he just wasn't enthusiastic.  He got our information, then he went to look up the information we wanted.

He came back, showed us a few vehicles, really couldn't answer our questions and then we test drove a vehicle.  He barely spoke a word to us the whole time we were in the car with him.  At least try!

We didn't like our experience at the dealership last week, but this was the opposite experience.
Maybe he had a cold.  Maybe he was hungover.  Maybe he could tell that we were not ready to buy that day and didn't want to waste his time with us.  Who knows.  But if I were a car saleswoman and someone came in with questions, I would enthusiastically answer their questions.  I would show them as many cars as I could with a few suggestions of other vehicles they might like.  I would get to know them and find out more about who they were.  And when they told me they were not ready to buy, I would say that's okay, maybe I can help you with your research.  I would do everything in my power to make sure that they came back to me when they WERE ready to buy. 

I think a good sales person would hook someone for the sale even if they weren't buying that day.  They would get to know you and feel like your "friend".  And then, you would WANT to go back and buy from them.  Just to give that nice lady a commission.

At least that's what I would do.  We have friends who are in the car market as well.  Think we can convince a dealer to get us a two for one deal?  :)

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Justin said...

When I worked at RadioShaft I had a few customers that would ONLY deal with me because I had helped them on things in the past.
The store I worked in saw no issue with the level of treatment I chose to give customers (which is why I worked in that store) but other stores in the district totally and completely ignored people unless they were selling a high-commission item.

My work paid of on numerous occasions. One of them was a nice, somewhat older guy that just wanted his portable A/V system to work. I helped him hook it up in the store and label the cords. He bought about $20 in cables.
A couple months later he came back and would only speak with me and bought over $2000 of stuff. My time investment on the $20 sale was TOTALLY worth it.

Other times people came back and looked for me for their cellphone purchase after checking multiple vendors because I was the most helpful and most knowledgeable person who just wanted them to get a phone that would work for them...

So you are completely correct; the salesman failed.

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