Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow! again. and again...

My clementines come with stickers.  Today's sticker says "Party in your tummy".  Hehehe.

We have had a lot of snow this year, it's snowing again today.   I don't know the total amount, but it's a LOT!  The plows are having a hard time figuring out what to do with it all.  We are running out of room.  And guess what?  We have another storm coming next week.

I'm sorry there was no post yesterday.   Time got away from me and I was in a very rare (for these days) bad mood.  And if I had started writing yesterday I would have just written a ranting and raving post about a horrible experience Anthony and I had a car dealership. 

Anthony had heard an advertised deal for a vehicle that we are interested in, so we went down to test drive the car and find out what pricing looked like.  BIG mistake.  They played every trick in the book.   Want to learn the tricks?  My eyes were opened up yesterday.  My parents recommended a website to me and I feel like I am now chock full of knowledge and won't be repeating any of my mistakes from Wed night.

You will want to read this article:  Confessions of a Car Salesman.  Make sure you read through the entire series and click on the update of the article too.  Even though this was written in 2001, believe me, EVERYTHING that they tried to get customers to buy a vehicle in this article....the dealer we went to tried it on us.  So the article is still very relevant and up to date.

For now, Anthony and I are still looking at cars and used cars as well.  We want to find something that won't drain out our savings account, won't be too much of a monthly burden to us and will be safe for the new wee little one joining the family.  And it needs to fit all of our stuff.  We are looking at compact SUVs and wagons.

Fun fun fun.  I have to admit though, I will really miss my car when I have to give it up.  I have had it almost 8 years now and it has just over 181,000 miles.  It's been good to me, but I guess I will have to pass it on.  I'm thinking some lucky teenager out there will probably get it to beat up on for a year or two.  (sigh)

Happy Friday everyone!

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