Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday Words of Weight Loss

On another blog I read (Walking the Off-Beaten Path) the writer is blogging about her weight loss.  She is hoping that this will help her stay on track.  I think it will because blogging about my life AND weight loss I think was a big help for me.  It keeps you accountable but it also gives you a place to vent your frustrations when you have set backs.

Today her post is titled Wednesday Words of Weight Loss and she has answered some questions.

Even though I am not trying to lose weight at the moment, (the baby really wouldn't like that!) I wanted to join in on the fun and give my readers some questions to think about for themselves.

1. What's your favorite vegetable?
This is a tough one.  I'm allergic to vegetables (and fruit) so I will have a tough time with this.  I really like carrots (which are very sweet and full of sugar) and I do love cucumbers and tomatoes.  (Are those fruits?)  But I am allergic to those.  So probably my favorite vegetable that I am NOT allergic to would be broccoli.  I eat a LOT of broccoli.  I used to hate it.  I still kind of do.  But it does taste pretty good with red sauce and meat balls.  (one of my favorite lunches!)
Current known vegetable allergies:  carrots, celery, cucumbers, plum tomatoes, some squash, some peppers, and more but I can't remember.  How do I know if I am allergic to something?  I eat it.  If I react to it, guess I'm allergic.  Don't worry, I won't have an anaphylactic reaction.   I have what is called "Oral Allergy Syndrome".
Sometimes I will get really bad stomach aches, but most of the time the reaction is local to my mouth.  Blisters and itchiness!  fun!  (just kidding) If you click on the link and go down to the section labeled "Cross Reactions" that is pretty much a list of stuff I am allergic to.  It makes dieting and eating enough fruits and veggies a real pain in the butt.

2. Is eating out a problem for you?
It can be!  I get tempted.  I do love me a burger and fries and a Pepsi!  I try to remember to keep my portions small and to only order a water.  Try to use a goody bag and make my dollar stretch into lunch the next day.   If I go out to eat with my husband, eating out is not a problem.  He prefers restaurants that are part of the Slow Food Movement and usually high-end expensive fancy places.  Which means I am eating all natural healthy local foods and the portions are small.  But believe me, Wendys and Burger King tempt me all the time.  Bad Dani bad!!

3.  How often do your weigh yourself?
Almost every day.  I know that for some people, they would say this is too much and I am obsessing.  But before I successfully lost weight, I would try to get on the scale once a week, and then that would turn into once a month.  Now that I have successfully lost weight, I try for every day.  And if I miss a day or two, it isn't a big deal.  I don't get down on myself if I go up a pound or two either, I just look for trends.  If I have a downward trend (and I am trying to lose) then great!  If I have an upward trend then I know I have to skip Wendy's for dinner. hehehe.  Even now, while pregnant, I have been getting on the scale almost every day.
This is for a few reasons.  One, I want to make sure I don't gain too much.  Two, I want to make sure that I am actually gaining! and Three, sudden weight loss or gain can signal a problem and you need to let your doctor know.   As far as RECORDING my weight....even while losing weight, I would only record an official "weigh in" once a week.  Your weight can fluctuate so much, try not to get obsessed.  Um, like me.  Don't want to be like me.  (Fun Fact:  Now that I am pregnant, I record my weight once a month or at every doctor appointment.)

4.  What's the hardest time of day for you regarding snacking?
I try to let myself snack all day.  Small meals, small snacks.  It just worked better for me.  That way I never feel guilty about snacking.  I try to eat 75% of my food before 4pm so that I am not hungry at night.  While losing weight, dinner was more of a snack than a meal and it was my smallest meal of the day.  But sometimes the munchies hit me around 3:45pm.  I leave work at 4pm, so then I have to avoid the fast food places on my way home.  Good thing there is only one and it's a McDonalds which I don't really like anyway.

5.  Please tell me something you will do this week to be nice to yourself.
Well, I'm not sure what to do here.  Maybe I will go get a pedicure?  I'll probably just allow myself to have a really good time at the baby shower on Sunday and eat whatever I want.  Mmmmm cake!

The baby likes cake right?

Don't miss my earlier post about facebook.  Yep, still hate 'em.  And for good reasons!!!  Now they will use you for advertising and you have no choice!

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