Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Who are your Mom Role Models?

I read a great post yesterday about fictional moms that new moms like to look up to.   And it got me thinking about how many different types of moms we are influenced by in our lives.   I think we are influenced the most by our own mothers (or mother figure in your life) and then grandmothers and aunts and friend's moms from there.

I never really thought about fictional mothers.  Anyway, I thought it was an interesting article and I enjoyed reading the comments on the article as well.  I was curious, does anyone have a favorite fictional mom?  I want to think about this some more and if I come up with some for myself, I will write about it soon in my blog.

The post I read can be found here.  The website is Offbeat Mama.  I don't think I'm an Offbeat Mama, but I also don't think I'm an ONbeat Mama (words I stole from that website).  I think I'm a Mid-Beat Mama.  Or I can just call myself a Hot Mama.  :)

Anthony calls me his Baby Mama.  hehe.

Anyway, I enjoy reading that website.   If you have a good "Mom" website please share in the comments!
Also, if you have a mom who has influenced you, real or fictional, I would be curious to hear all about it.

Every once in a while, it just hits me.  I'm going to be a mom.   That means I get to say "Because I said so."
HA! :)

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Martha Grace! said...

My mom and my Aunt Mary.
Your going to be a Fabulous mom! Just don't push all the geeky Harry Porter stuff.....unless she naturally likes it! lol

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