Monday, February 28, 2011

The IT Department and Aladdin

In the past I have compared my job to that of the Genie in the Disney movie, Aladdin.

I have famously quoted the Genie: "PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS.....itty bitty living space."
I like to say this because folks in the IT department have access to EVERYTHING in a company.  We manipulate all sorts of data, accounts, passwords, email, server access, backups, etc.  
See where I am going? 

But most of the time we live in cubes or a dark basement room or some tiny hole somewhere.

So therefore, we have lots of power and itty bitty work spaces.

But last week, I came up with another way we can be compared to the Genie in Aladdin.  I thought the first rule was that you can't wish for more wishes, so I was a little wrong there...but just go with it for a second. :)

There are three rules for making wishes with the Genie:

Rule #1:  I can't kill anybody.
Rule #2:  I can't make anybody fall in love with anybody else.
Rule #3:  I can't bring back people from the dead.

For making "wishes" with the IT department:
Rule #1:  You can't wish for more wishes.  In other words, you can't put in one help desk ticket, get an IT person to help you out and then constantly contact that person for additional help with other issues.  It doesn't work that way.  You need to put in another help desk ticket.  It's like the deli, you have to take a number and get in line.  And yes, unfortunately, we are that busy.

Rule #2:  We can't make anybody fall in love with anybody else.  In other words, if your hardware and/or software is not compatible, we can't force it to work.   We understand that on occasion we really do work some magic, but we cannot force incompatible computer stuffs to work together.  Especially outdated stuff.  There are no May-December relationships in the computer world.  This is how the computer hardware and software companies force you to buy new stuff.  Sorry we can't help. :(

Rule #3:  We can't bring back people from the dead.  This means we can't bring back your hard drive from the dead.  If it's a goner, it's gone.  We don't have magic stuff to obtain your files and pictures and movies and music.  Next time, be sure to back up all your data on an alternate hard drive or data storage device.  Now, there are companies out there that will try, but they don't guarantee they get anything for you and they will still charge a LOT of money.  So no miracles with dead hard drives. :(

So on that REAL first rule, We can't kill anybody. Let's forget the "people" part and go straight to computers.  We don't want to kill computers, we definitely don't kill them on purpose.  We are like computer doctors, we make it our goal to save computers as often as we can.  I promise we didn't kill your computer.

So that's it for my Genie comparisons.  For now.  I'm sure I will come up with more.  I feel like I should go watch that movie now...

Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, February 25, 2011

My future....I hope!

I can see this happening with my dog and my baby.

You will need some sound.  :)

I swear I wasn't going to post more "baby" stuff today, but I just couldn't help it.  Next week I'll try some new topics. :)  It's just this whole baby thing is really on my mind...I wonder why?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby Room Pictures

Check it out!  A bonus evening post...  These pictures are a little overdue, but I know everyone wanted to see them.  You can click on any of these pictures to see them in full size.

First up!  My thank you notes (they have all hit the mail now...if you didn't get one and you want a fancy note card from me, please let me know.  I do have total baby brain and may have missed one!) and a netflix movie that needed watching:

Anyone need any gift bags or tissue paper?  I have lots!

This is one pile of clothes.  They are now all put away.

Hospital bag half packed and another pile of clothes in the back.  Ignore the messy room.

The crib!  Halfway done.  I was given advice to make the crib twice.  That means putting down a mattress pad, a sheet and then another mattress pad and another sheet.  This way, if I need to change the bedding in the middle of the night, I can just pull off the dirty stuff and underneath is new clean stuff!  

Look!  Buzz Lightyear!  He is our "practice" baby.  My sister and I also figured out how to use the wrap thingies I got with the Buzz Lightyear.  I didn't get a picture of that but maybe I'll do that again and get another picture.  

See?  Progress!  The room is still messy, but looks a little different.

It's hard to tell from this angle, but I somehow managed to squeeze almost all of the clothes in these drawers.  The rest of the clothes are on the hangers in the background of the previous photo.  And look!  Diapers!  Lots of them!

My favorite part of the baby's room so far.  Isn't it cute?

The crib!  Fully decked out!  I put in the quilt and pillow and puppy dog for the picture.  They will have to come out when the baby arrives as you are not supposed to have anything in the crib.  It has also been completely made now with the double layer I talked about previously.  We put the organic cotton sheet on the crib.  It is the softest sheet I have ever felt.  Now I want organic cotton baby sheets for MY bed.

And basically that is what the baby's room will look like.  Now I need to get to the other three corners...

I do actually have a deadline date to get this done.  My cousin and her boyfriend are visiting us in two weeks and I will need to have the room cleaned up for them.  Plus there is that whole baby arriving soon thing...I should get it done anyway. :)   I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Baby Alarm Clock

One of the things people love to tell you about having a baby is that you will never sleep again.  "Sleep now", they say, "you won't be able to later!".   And also this one: "Sleep when the baby sleeps!".

I have even read that there are theories that a pregnant woman waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom is "practice" for when we will be woken up all night by a hungry baby.  Yay?  I still can't figure out how if I stop drinking water an hour before I go to bed, and make sure I go to the bathroom before I go to bed, that I will still wake up at 3am to pee.  And then I wake up again a few hours later for work and I have to go AGAIN.  I never drink water when I get up at 3am.  How am I storing all of this extra liquid?  Seriously, three bathroom trips with no drinks of water in between!  That is just crazy.

So last night I had my typical 3am wake-up call to use the facilities.  I went back to bed, on my side like you are supposed to.  I was lying on my left side (I go back and forth).  At about 4am I was woken up by a sharp pain and I gasped from the shock of it as I woke up.  Nope, not in labor.  The baby decided she wanted to be awake and had kicked me in the ribs.  HARD.  She was kicking my right side (which I am starting to get used to, she has been doing that for a while) but it was an unusual time for her.  I don't ever feel the baby in the middle of the night or before I get up in the morning.   And I normally don't feel the baby when I get ready for work.

But today I did.  I fell back asleep.  And another 15 minutes later....BAM!  Another shot to the ribs.  This time I actually sat up.  It's pretty shocking when it happens.  Babies are a lot stronger than we think they are! Ouch!  It hurts!

So I had my own little alarm clock this morning.  The first of the MANY times my child will be waking me up in the middle of the night.

I like why did I think having a baby was a good idea?

Funniest part?  My husband slept through the whole thing.  Which is pretty much how I expect the rest of our lives to be when it comes to kids waking us up in the middle of the night. :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Want to be more confused?

I found this great article that explains it way better than me.

Regardless, a baby is coming sometime in the next 4 weeks (or 6 at the latest) and apparently I follow a Lunar Calendar.   Which makes sense.  I can be a little looney. :)   Just wait until I tell you about some of my recent dreams....

The 9th Month

Today I am officially in my 9th month of pregnancy.  That's 36 weeks to those who are counting....and 28 days until my due date.

Wait?  What?  You mean women don't have babies at 9 months?  Yes that is true.  Technically, you are pregnant for 10 months.  I'm not sure who started that whole 9 month thing.  Maybe someone liked the number 9?   To calculate your due date they base it upon the first day of your last menstrual cycle.  So technically, you aren't even pregnant the first two weeks of your "pregnancy".    But they start there and count ahead 40 weeks.  That is your due date.  If you go past your due date, you are now in your 10th month.  So I am at the beginning of my 9th month.  Some people (like my mom) would rather say that I am 8 months pregnant, because it can be confusing to the general public who don't know how these things work.  I can understand that.   But now you read my blog and you have now been educated. :)
If someone says they are 36 weeks pregnant, they are 9 months pregnant.  Baby is due at 40 weeks, technically 10 months pregnant.

That seems like a long time doesn't it?  For me though, this has flown by.  Mostly because I didn't know I was pregnant the first month and half and also because I wasn't showing for a really long time.  I think I really started to feel pregnant at my baby shower.

So quick lesson for those that don't know:
4 weeks pregnant = 1 month pregnant (technically only about 2 weeks at this point)
8 weeks pregnant = 2 months
12 weeks pregnant = 3 months (usually safe to start telling everyone at this point, risk of miscarriage goes way down)
16 weeks = 4 months
20 weeks = 5 months (usually get your second ultrasound and can find out sex of the baby)
24 weeks = 6 months (that was Christmas time for me)
28 weeks = 7 months
32 weeks = 8 months
36 weeks = 9 months pregnant, baby is coming any day now
40 weeks = 10 months, baby is now due.
Most babies are born between 38-42 weeks.  This is because it isn't an exact science, guessing due dates.

I decided to give that brief lesson because it's one of the MANY things I didn't know until I got pregnant.   There are so many things that you don't find out about until it happens to you.  This is probably for a few reasons.  A) no one wants to scare you out of it.  (what happens to your body should definitely be included in sex education so that fewer teenagers will get pregnant...I really think it could work.)  and B)  You never ask about this stuff.  If you aren't pregnant, why would you need or want to know?

That's it for today.  If I have time, I will be posting a bonus post about some wacky dreams I have been having lately.  So check back this afternoon. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Nothing to say today.

I don't really have anything interesting to write about today.  But I felt the need to post.

So here is my post.  I'm sorry it's so boring. :)  I'll try to make up for it later this week.

Oh!  I know!  I'll change the look of my blog.  That will have to work for everyone today.  Let's go look for something warm and spring-like.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Confession and Consent?

So I have a teeny tiny confession to make.  I'm happy that I am finally showing.   But now I'm a little bothered by the weight gain and the belly.  I know!  I know!  I'm almost done, of course I will have a belly!  (sigh)

But while I was getting today's picture ready for you, (ooh! A belly picture!) I looked back at my 18 week picture.  And I felt a whole lot better.  It's all baby, it isn't fat.  It's all baby, it isn't fat.  It's all baby, it isn't fat...

Without further ado, here I am, 35 weeks pregnant.  (this means around 8 months):

And just to compare, here is my 18 weeks:

The baby is kicking around like crazy in there and getting much stronger.  Sometimes I even say "ouch!" out loud because a really strong kick will startle me.

My doctor's appointments are now once a week.  My appointment this past week provided me with some amusement.  I have been telling this story to everyone, so if you have already heard it, well oh well, you can now read it. :)

So this week I had to sign a Consent for Vaginal Delivery.  Before they handed me the form I said, "A consent form?  I didn't think I had a choice, doesn't she come out regardless if I consent or not?"
That did get a little chuckle from the nurse.
The nurse left the room and I read over the form.  It basically went over all the potential things that may or may not happen, why they hook you up to IV Fluids and fetal monitors, the pain medication options etc.  It also went over possible epidurals and C-sections as well.  This paper was 3 pages long.  I read the whole thing and then signed and dated it.

When my doctor came in, she asked if I had any questions and I said no, and she said okay.  Got right to my exam and I was done.  So I go to check out and a different nurse has my consent form, she asked me if I had any questions about it and I said "No, but it seems kinda silly to sign a consent form, I mean, doesn't the baby come out one way or another and despite if I agree to it or not?"  This nurse cracked up and thought I was hilarious.  Then she explained how some people, when they review the form they will write all over it, I don't want this, this is okay, I don't want a c-section, no fetal monitors, etc, etc, etc..   I thought that was odd and she explained how some people have a very clear idea of how they want their birth and labor experience to go.  She said the problem with that was that most of the time, if someone comes in with a very clear birth plan, that nothing goes according to plan, people get upset and stressed and everything that CAN go wrong WILL go wrong and that they will end up with everything they don't want.

I said "oh."

And then I said "Do you want to hear my birth plan?"   And she said "Sure."

I said:
"I plan on showing up when labor starts and then do what I am told."

She said (with a big smile): "That is a GREAT plan."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Last night I had my first dream about the baby being a girl.

This dream was completely wacky and vivid (like a lot of my dreams these days) and very...odd.

First off, the baby was HUGE.  There was no way this baby came out of me.  When I appear in this dream, the baby is a few days old and who knows where I was.  Basically I am introduced to the baby with no memory of having given birth to the baby.  And oh yeah, I'm wearing 80's high waisted jeans for some reason.

So this baby is just so big, that it's larger than most children.  And chubby, like a baby should be.  It's monster-size.  And I named her Catalina for some reason.  Totally bizarre.

Don't read into this dream.  Trust me, my other dreams about the baby have been just as wacky.  Including a dream where I somehow traveled inside myself and met the baby while still inside of me.  I was inside myself?!  How does that happen exactly?  Dreams are strange things.

So that makes 4 dreams about the baby being a boy and one about it being a girl and one dream where I didn't know the sex of the baby.  So odd!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Conversation Hearts are not the same

Conversation hearts are not the same...and I found proof!  Sort of.

I'll get into that in a minute.

I was able to get to CVS this morning and get my Valentine's Day candy at 50% off.  Yay!  Unfortunately they didn't have any more red cinnamon hearts which is Anthony's favorite.  So I had to get him something else.  I won't write it here, because it's a surprise.  We are going to the movies tonight, so the candy will go great with the movie.  :)   In case you missed it yesterday, Anthony and I are celebrating Valentine's Day today.  Everything is cheaper and less crowded.  We might turn this into a tradition.

We did go to the mall last night though...and it was deserted.  Seriously.  No one was there.  So if you want to go somewhere that isn't crowded on Valentine's Day, head to the mall!  :)

We didn't go to Sam's Club or get laundry done.  We did finish the thank you notes, but we didn't get the photos posted.  We had to go to the mall last night to get Anthony a dress shirt.  That is because yesterday he brought all his shirts to the cleaners to get them professionally cleaned and ironed and pressed.  Then he found out he had a meeting today.  So we went out and bought him a new dress shirt.  Actually we got two.  The prices were so good, we got two.  (Brooks Brothers has 60% off sale going on!)

So a few people might be wondering....for two people who like to save money, why are we getting his dress shirts professionally done?  Well, this is for a couple of reasons.  One, we looked at what our time is worth and how much free time do we have.  Well, our time is worth a lot to us and we don't have a lot of free time.  Especially with all the planning for the baby.    A second reason?  Anthony isn't very good at ironing shirts and I really really really don't like ironing.

So bringing the shirts to the cleaners was almost like a Valentine's Day present for me.  The present part is where he never asked me to iron the shirts for him.  (sweet!  Yes!  thank you babe!)   He did say "besides, you already do all my laundry."   Which is true, but he takes care of my car.  Seems like an even trade to me.

So our night completely changed, but it was still a nice night.  After we left the mall, our car was at an intersection and I saw a sign for Toys R Us.  I got very excited and had to explain to Anthony about Barbie and Ken getting back together and the dolls for only $5. (He didn't read my blog yesterday.)  Guess who then pulled a U-turn so I could go to Toys R Us and get my dolls?  My wonderful husband!  Yay! :)   So I got my Barbie and Ken dolls.

I don't know how long they will be on sale for $5, so go get yours now!  (Retail price looks like $14.99)

So back to the Conversation Hearts and why they are not the same.  Do you remember these from when we were kids?  They were the exact same flavors as the NECCO wafers.   Well, now they are different flavors.  I did some digging around on the NECCO website and got my answers.

The flavors on the conversation hearts USED to be: 
lemon (yellow), orange (orange), lime (green), clove (purple), cinnamon (white), wintergreen (pink), licorice (black) and chocolate (brown)

Now they are:
cherry (pink), banana (yellow), orange (orange), lemon (green), grape (purple) and wintergreen (white)

But even with the new change, there are no white ones.  At least, there were no white ones in the box that I had this morning.  Or the second box.  I threw them out.  Yech.  They had some funky bright blue one instead of white.  All the other "new" colors were there.  I miss the old ones.  I guess from now on, I will just get the old NECCO wafers instead.  They taste way better and they haven't changed the flavors.  

Here is where I found all my information:

And if you want to try the grossest conversation hearts imaginable:
Now, I love Twilight, but these candies are just gross.  Maybe it's my mostly all natural diet, but these things are yuck yuck yuck.  Happy Day-After-Valentine's-Day everyone!   I have a hot date tonight!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I <3 Valentine's Day.  Or I heart Valentine's Day.  Or how about just "I LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY!".

So have I had anything special happen to me today to love this holiday?  Nope.  Don't need it.  Everything around me gets to be special and I just soak it in.   I have always loved this holiday.  I have never felt anti- Valentine's Day.   If I have ever been anti-Valentine's Day and you can remember it, please tell me about it.  I can't remember.  Must be because I love it so much now.

Plus the whole pregnancy hormones and I'm just feeling all kinds of mushy gushy stuff today.  :)

What do I love about Valentine's Day?  The hearts, the flowers, the pinks and reds, the candy, the valentines, the cards, the movies, the WHOLE BIT.   And then the world got to add some bonuses to my holiday.

Example #1:
Angry Birds Valentine's Day Edition:  Hogs and Kisses.  I keep claiming I don't want a new cell phone...but maybe now that there is a Valentine's Day edition of one of the most addicting games on the planet, I finally need a Droid or an iPhone.  All so I can play Angry Birds: Hogs and Kisses.  

Example #2:
BARBIE AND KEN ARE BACK TOGETHER!!!  You may have seen my post from last week, about Ken trying to win back Barbie.  Well, it worked, they are back together. 
You can read about it here:

And you can buy the dolls that commemorate the occastion (for only $5):

I must get out to a Toys R Us right away!  Which makes the second toy in two days that I want.  I'll maybe post about the second one tomorrow if I get one.  We shall see.

So what are my Valentine's Day plans?  Well, I plan on getting some laundry done.  Probably just one load, but it's a start.  I also need to go to Sam's Club.  And finish the thank you notes from the baby shower.  And oh yeah, post some photos of the baby shower and the baby stuff.

Doesn't that sound romantic?  haha.  Anthony and I are actually celebrating tomorrow.  We are going out to eat (pizza!  My favorite) and then we are going to see the new Adam Sandler movie during the theatre's bargain Tuesdays.  Tickets are only $6!  What a deal!  Plus the movie theatre will likely be less crowded than it would be tonight. 

AND tomorrow....I get to go look for all the Valentine's Day candy at 50% off!  Whoo hoo!  I want some conversation hearts. :)   So we are skipping the celebration today, and celebrating tomorrow.  This might have to be a new tradition....everything should be cheaper.  :)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Some alien took over my sister's body.

My sister had two status messages today that just really threw me off guard.  I think an alien being has taken over her body.   Who are you and what did you do to my sister?  Now I'm not saying these changes or differences are bad, they are just very, very odd.

First status message:
"Yea my shirt says Ravenclaw....what about it? ;)"

This is just totally awesome, because it's a Harry Potter thing, and I love Harry Potter.  When we were on vacation in Florida, I decided that she would be in Ravenclaw because she was so smart.   When we were at the Harry Potter Wizarding World, we saw a blue t-shirt that said Ravenclaw and my parent's bought it for her.
It's really cute, looks great on her and well, it suits her.

But still, it was odd for my sister to announce her Harry Potter geek-ness.  I love it.  :)

Second status message:
"I joined a book club...  hahaha."

WHA??!?  My sister doesn't like to read!  Well, until last year she didn't anyway.  During one of my many Harry Potter movie marathon parties, we (all my Harry Potter-loving friends and I) convinced her that she was missing so much by only viewing the movies and not reading the books.  Since she didn't like to read, we convinced her to start listening to them on CD.  Which she did, and she loved it.  But she ended up reading the last book because she wasn't able to listen to the CD for some reason...and then she flew through the book and loved it.  She ended up picking up a novel from one of her favorite celebrities and loved that book as well.  Then she went on to read the whole series.  So now she reads.  Maybe.  She knows she likes non-fiction and the young adult stuff that she has read so far.   I can't wait to recommend books to her, since young adult is probably my favorite genre to read.  (And hopefully someday write.)

So it's like some alien took over my sister.

Oh wait.  There is a third status message:
"I joined a book club...  hahaha...and bought a Kindle."

Really?!  My SISTER bought a Kindle before I did?  A book lover?  A hopeful future writer?  Book crazy, can't put them down, starts reading when I should be cleaning book lover?   Whoa.  It's like the world just turned flip upside down.

But secretly...this is so cool.  Now I have something in common with my sister that we have never had in common before.  :)  Maybe she will start recommending books to ME.  Now that will be crazy.   :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Random Stuff today

I never realized how big (or fully appreciated) the parking spaces are here at my work until I got a new car.  Instead of worrying about people opening their car doors and hitting my new car, I don't have to think about it at all.  Unless of course someone parks extremely crooked or something.   But no worries!  I heart big parking spaces!

I packed the hospital bag last night.  Well, sort of packed it.  I packed all the stuff we will need for the baby and a few things for myself.  I don't want to put any clothes in the suitcase yet because I don't have too many maternity clothes and I don't want to limit my wardrobe even further.  Everything I have read says that I will still look 5-6 months pregnant after the birth, so I still need to wear maternity clothes.  I think even if I didn't look pregnant after birth I would still wear the maternity pants.  Most. Comfortable. Pants. Ever.  Seriously.  I may never wear normal pants again! :)
I did pack a pink girly outfit (my sister helped pick it out) for the "take home" outfit for the baby.  I also picked a gender neutral outfit as well, JUST in case.  I know the baby is a girl.  But on the off chance we are all wrong, I picked a cute duck outfit that came from my mom.   I also packed some burping cloths/blankets so I can make sure the baby gets to lay in it and then I will have someone take it to Oscar so he can get used to the baby smell before the baby comes home.

Last night I let him sniff everything I put into the suitcase and I let him sniff the car seat as well.  He does like to sniff stuff.  And on occasion he licks it too.  Okay, so most of the time he sniffs and he licks.  He just needs to test it to see if it's food, that's all. :)   The only thing I haven't let him sniff is the new stuffed animals for the baby.  I need to take the time to teach Oscar that they are not his toys.  I have a method that works well for him, I just need to do it.  I think I will save that for another readers may find that post pretty hilarious.  Especially if I can include some pictures....

Speaking of pictures...I am going to try and get some posted VERY soon.  I promise.  I might even do it over the weekend where I will have a little more time.  So why didn't I have time last night?  Because my husband and I went out to eat at a nice restaurant which was great. :)  But then we came home and got to work.  For him that meant his second job (which will become his primary job in another 48 hours) and for me that meant baby stuff.  So I packed the suitcase for the hospital and I wrote some more thank you notes for the baby shower.

So this morning was the first time I was able to really take a good look at one of my presents from Christmas.  It just arrived to me last weekend, so it isn't like I have been THAT busy.  Okay, yes I have.  But anyway, I got "Computer Engineer Barbie" from my parents for Christmas.  That is because I am also a "Computer Engineer" and I just love Barbie.  I need to track down where she got her outfit because I want to recreate it.  I even want to get some fake pink square eye glasses like she has too. :)   She's pretty cool.
Here is a link to her information if you want to check it out:  Computer Engineer Barbie

I brought her to work so I could show her off to all of my male co-workers. :)  So far, I think they are impressed.  Or they are really good at faking enthusiasm.  :)   I was thinking about teasing my boss that I need a pink iPhone because Barbie has one.   But I don't think the iPhones come in pink.  Do they?
***Dani Does Google Search***

Okay, I didn't find a real one, but they have fake ones and iPhones that you can have custom painted.  Honestly, I don't think I really want an iPhone.  And if I did get one, I might not want pink.  But my sister would!  haha.  Actually....I bet having a hot pink phone makes it a lot easier to find in your purse....

Next phone will be lime green!

And back to Barbie news.  Did you know that Barbie and Ken broke up back in 2004?  I did, but that is because I am a toy nut and I love Barbie.  Have you heard that Ken is trying to win Barbie back?  She has been dating Blaine, some surfer guy.

Check out this article on Ken trying to win back Barbie:

And you can help Barbie decide if she should take him back:

And I am not on that evil website facebook, but there are of course facebook pages for both Barbie and Ken as well.  Ken has updated his look, you can go check it out on your own.  I refuse to link to that f-book website.  F-Book.  Sounds kinda like an Apple product.  Interesting....

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

For my mom.

I know my mom will appreciate this:

I know I promised some pictures from the baby shower and baby stuff.  Coming soon!
I have had a very busy past few days but I am hoping to get more accomplished tonight.  At the very least, I will try to get pictures of the large piles of stuff!  (Mostly clothes!)

Don't worry, I have great excuses.  Monday I was having my new car looked at to make sure it was okay.  (it seemed like my ride should be smoother, but I am not used to an SUV)  And last night I had a flat tire on the old car that I had driven to work.  weee!  Fun.

Fun Fact:  Today I am 34 weeks pregnant.  I need to get that hospital bag packed.  Just in case.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Disney attacks!

I found this article this morning over at Yahoo Finance:

It's about how Disney is starting to market to newborns as early as....well, as soon as they are born.  I thought it was interesting and honestly, my first thought was "COOL!  Free stuff from Disney!".   I looked up my hospital to see if there was a chance we might get a visit from one of these people and we might.
So is it bad if I want free stuff?  :)

I think as long as I know that it is a marketing ploy and that I am not naive to it, I'll be fine.  But it did make me think about how marketing might affect my child.  I remember being a kid and commercials and what my friends had definitely had an influence on what I wanted.  There are a few key things that I specifically remember wanting just because my friends had those things.  It seems silly looking back, but I can still remember the feeling.

In other news, I finally look pregnant to strangers!   This morning a woman who works in my building (but different department, we never interact) asked me when I was due. :)  She said that she had been waiting to ask me until she was sure, but she had been wondering for a couple of weeks.  Considering that the baby is due to arrive in 6 weeks....I think it was safe to say something.  :)   But of course she doesn't know that and she didn't want to ask if I wasn't....because how embarrassing right? 

She had advice for me (of course, everyone does) and her advice was this:  "Don't listen to what everyone else tells you, you will have good instinct and get it on your own."   I liked her advice.

She also told me that she gave birth with drugs and without and she said that without drugs was the better experience.  She said that of course it was painful, but that you forget about it right after.  She said she preferred without drugs because it was a faster labor and that she felt more in control. 

She is the second woman to tell me "try without drugs" who has given birth both ways.  I'm glad to get this advice because that is the direction I had been leaning.  Though I am not opposed to any medical help (or pain relief!) if I feel it's needed.  Or if the doctors and/or nurses tell me to.  After all, these people are the experts, they do this multiple times a day, every day.   I have never done it before.  I think the best thing I can do is to attend the class...then arrive at the hospital when ready and then do what I am told.  Sounds good to me.

Friday, February 04, 2011

I quit kickboxing. :(

Before I explain the title of my post, I just want to share something.

It is so weird when you are sitting down to have your belly touching the tops of your legs.  I just wanted to share that with everyone.  This thing is starting to get in the way.  I'm having trouble putting on shoes and socks, bending over feels like a fitness routine!

Okay, on to explain why I quit kickboxing.
There were actually a few reasons for quitting though I hope to return to it someday.  I don't want to give up entirely.  And I need to still get in plenty of exercise between now and when the baby arrives.  It looks like I will need to visit the condo and use the gym!

So...Number One reason I quit.  Well, it's getting hard! :)  I can't keep up like I used to.  I can't hold the pads for anyone kicking.  I lose my breath and have to take lots of breaks.  While I still need to exercise, kickboxing and the cardio and pushups and situps and everything that goes with it is just getting tough.

Number Two reason I quit.  We moved.  We now live 10 minutes further away from the martial arts studio.  It takes 2 hours out of my day to go to class.  It takes me almost 30 minutes to get there (and definitely 30 minutes if there is any traffic) and then class is an hour long. 

Number Three reason I quit.  It wasn't cheap.  We need to re-prioritize our budget and with a baby coming, it was difficult to justify spending that much money on classes that were getting tough and were that far away.

Number Four reason I quit.  Anthony wanted me to.  Now before anyone gets upset with him, I completely understand why he wanted me to.  And were our roles reversed, I would have asked him to quit as well.  I go to kickboxing anywhere from 2-4 times a week.  Which means I come home from work, see him for a few minutes and then I leave for 2 hours.  Then I get home, take a shower and go to bed.  He spends very little time with me.  When I was trying to lose weight, he didn't say anything about it and I think that is because he was trying to be supportive...but with a baby on the way, I need to be home more.

Anthony's new job will have him working from home, which means he will be home with the baby all day while his wife goes off to work.  Then I would come home from work and leave again?  If I was in his position and my husband spent all day away from home and then left again in the evening, I would be VERY upset.  So I understand.

It was very difficult for me to make this decision.  I was hoping to keep going to the class until the baby arrived and then I wouldn't have a choice about going or not.  Instead, I had to make the choice to stop going.  I was crying and upset about it, but I called my sister and she cheered me up.  She also told me that the crying was the pregnancy talking and not me.  I did ask the woman who runs the martial arts studio to send me an email with my options for when I can return.  Maybe I can still attend class once or twice a month.

In the meantime I will be getting to the gym at the condo and will be doing some walking.  I am still going to try and stretch and do a few exercises at home.  My sister volunteered to do some kickboxing with me after the baby arrives and I'm sure my friend TC would as well.  Anthony even promised to do it with me if I showed him what to do.

So I am sad about this, but I knew it was coming and that at some point I would have no choice.  I just didn't expect it to happen so soon.   The catalyst for this decision was the fact that because of snow and buying the new car on Monday, I had already missed two classes this week.  On my way to class last night I got stuck in traffic and I was never going to make it in time.  So I decided that it was time to stop going.  It probably didn't help that Anthony said to me (right before I left): "You should stop going."

I feel a little down in the dumps.  But this weekend has lots to look forward to.  We pick up the new car tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon my sister is going to help me set up the baby's room.  (Pictures coming soon!) Sunday is the SuperBowl and I will be making chili and a friend is making cornbread.  yum!
Sunday is also our nephew's birthday party at a petting zoo event at the DCU center.  So this weekend should hopefully cheer me up and get my mind off of things.

Happy Friday, I hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

What's your sign?

I read this article on yahoo this morning:

Allstate insurance had released a tongue-in-cheek joke about astrological signs and how safe of a driver you are.  What cracks me up the data is REAL from their customer data.   HA!  :)
Check it out and see where you rate on Allstate's list.

Of course this is just for an interesting read and does not actually say anything about your driving ability.

However, because my husband says I drive like a maniac, I would like to point out that Capricorns have more accidents than Aries.  So neener neener neener!!!   :)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Baby Shower Pics

I will post pictures of the baby's new things on the baby shower website and a handful here as well....once I get all of that stuff organized and put away and the baby room decorated, etc...

Hopefully sometime this weekend.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

....still so tired.

I'm still very tired.  And I am starting to get sick of snow.  I think we have like 6 feet of it.  Or something like that.   And I even like the snow!  At this rate, we will still have melting piles of snow in June.

The reason I am tired?  I was up late last night.  I didn't get to make up for being tired the day before.  That is because we went to another car dealership.  And guess what?  We had a very good experience.  So good, that we bought a new vehicle last night.

Right away I knew this visit was going to be better than other dealers.  We immediately talked about what kind of vehicle we wanted.  We talked about a 2010 vs 2011.  We got the salesman's opinion on what the better deal was (and we agreed with him).  Then we started talking final price of the vehicle.

We didn't talk about trade-in.  Though he did ask if we had a vehicle for trade and we said "nah, you don't want it." But we still told him about it and he said "you are right, I don't want it, sell it yourself, it will be worth more to you."  We didn't talk about monthly payments or how much we could afford.  We didn't talk about financing at all.  He didn't even ask how much we were going to put down.  All he discussed was the price.

It was awesome.  My guess is that he could tell what kind of buyer we were and it was 7pm on the last day of the month....let's skip all the crap and get right to a deal.  Worked for us!

Anthony was our negotiator.  He gave a ridiculously low offer which cracked up our sales guy.  He had a good sense of humor but told us honestly that if we couldn't get closer to his price, we were going to part that night, but we would part as friends.  He was nice.  So they went back and forth.  Anthony asked for some all weather floor mats.  Then the sales guy went to chat with his manager.  The manager came back and at this point I needed to go to the bathroom.  (argh!  pregnancy!)  By the time I came back from the bathroom, Anthony and the Sales Manager had made a deal and we were going out to the lot to pick which car we wanted.

That was the other thing, we didn't go pick a car, fall in love with it and then decide a price.  We picked a price that we were willing to pay for a specific year and model and THEN we went to pick a car.  They had around 6 I think in what we were looking for.

The whole thing took about 30 - 40 minutes.  Not bad at all.

Of course....then there was the Business Manager who had to offer us all the "extras".  Our sales guy told us ahead of time what deals the Business Manager would be telling us about, and basically we said no to everything.  We did at least listen to all the speeches, nodded politely where necessary and then said "No thank you."  We did almost bite on one thing...but after playing with the calculator and doing some math, we discovered it was not a benefit to us at all.  So we said no.  But the funniest part about that?  They had this dollar amount called "Depreciation Value" and Anthony took the Business Manager's pen and wrote next to it: "Magic".  Because basically it was a made up number.  It cracked me up.  I'm not sure the Business Manager was amused.  But he did eventually give up.  And then tried to make us feel guilty ("this is how I feed my kids") and we did feel a little guilty.  But only after we were driving home and had signed some paperwork did we admit that.

Overall, it was a great experience.  All parties did a great job.  When I get the survey to fill out, I want to give them all top marks.  And I do want to write that though we didn't buy any of those extra options with the Business Manager, he did a great job explaining and worked VERY hard to sell it to us.  I want to make sure he can get some bonus points with his boss.  After all, it isn't his fault that Anthony and I are incredibly stubborn.  :)

Are you in the market?  Want to know the name of the dealer?  Send me a message and I will give you all the details.