Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby Alarm Clock

One of the things people love to tell you about having a baby is that you will never sleep again.  "Sleep now", they say, "you won't be able to later!".   And also this one: "Sleep when the baby sleeps!".

I have even read that there are theories that a pregnant woman waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom is "practice" for when we will be woken up all night by a hungry baby.  Yay?  I still can't figure out how if I stop drinking water an hour before I go to bed, and make sure I go to the bathroom before I go to bed, that I will still wake up at 3am to pee.  And then I wake up again a few hours later for work and I have to go AGAIN.  I never drink water when I get up at 3am.  How am I storing all of this extra liquid?  Seriously, three bathroom trips with no drinks of water in between!  That is just crazy.

So last night I had my typical 3am wake-up call to use the facilities.  I went back to bed, on my side like you are supposed to.  I was lying on my left side (I go back and forth).  At about 4am I was woken up by a sharp pain and I gasped from the shock of it as I woke up.  Nope, not in labor.  The baby decided she wanted to be awake and had kicked me in the ribs.  HARD.  She was kicking my right side (which I am starting to get used to, she has been doing that for a while) but it was an unusual time for her.  I don't ever feel the baby in the middle of the night or before I get up in the morning.   And I normally don't feel the baby when I get ready for work.

But today I did.  I fell back asleep.  And another 15 minutes later....BAM!  Another shot to the ribs.  This time I actually sat up.  It's pretty shocking when it happens.  Babies are a lot stronger than we think they are! Ouch!  It hurts!

So I had my own little alarm clock this morning.  The first of the MANY times my child will be waking me up in the middle of the night.

I like why did I think having a baby was a good idea?

Funniest part?  My husband slept through the whole thing.  Which is pretty much how I expect the rest of our lives to be when it comes to kids waking us up in the middle of the night. :)

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Sarah (Linderme) Xavier said...

I totally wish I could figure out the peeing in the night thing too!!! I do the same as you do AND the amount I pee at 3am and then again when I get up at 6am is crazy too! Where is it all coming from??? I feel like it's more than I pee the entire rest of the day.

I am also worried about how much stronger this little guy will get before he's born. I'm 32 weeks tomorrow and he already hurts me...a lot! Sometimes it's all I can do not to yell out while I'm at my desk haha.

BTW, you looked super cute in your picture when you posted it :)

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