Friday, February 18, 2011

Confession and Consent?

So I have a teeny tiny confession to make.  I'm happy that I am finally showing.   But now I'm a little bothered by the weight gain and the belly.  I know!  I know!  I'm almost done, of course I will have a belly!  (sigh)

But while I was getting today's picture ready for you, (ooh! A belly picture!) I looked back at my 18 week picture.  And I felt a whole lot better.  It's all baby, it isn't fat.  It's all baby, it isn't fat.  It's all baby, it isn't fat...

Without further ado, here I am, 35 weeks pregnant.  (this means around 8 months):

And just to compare, here is my 18 weeks:

The baby is kicking around like crazy in there and getting much stronger.  Sometimes I even say "ouch!" out loud because a really strong kick will startle me.

My doctor's appointments are now once a week.  My appointment this past week provided me with some amusement.  I have been telling this story to everyone, so if you have already heard it, well oh well, you can now read it. :)

So this week I had to sign a Consent for Vaginal Delivery.  Before they handed me the form I said, "A consent form?  I didn't think I had a choice, doesn't she come out regardless if I consent or not?"
That did get a little chuckle from the nurse.
The nurse left the room and I read over the form.  It basically went over all the potential things that may or may not happen, why they hook you up to IV Fluids and fetal monitors, the pain medication options etc.  It also went over possible epidurals and C-sections as well.  This paper was 3 pages long.  I read the whole thing and then signed and dated it.

When my doctor came in, she asked if I had any questions and I said no, and she said okay.  Got right to my exam and I was done.  So I go to check out and a different nurse has my consent form, she asked me if I had any questions about it and I said "No, but it seems kinda silly to sign a consent form, I mean, doesn't the baby come out one way or another and despite if I agree to it or not?"  This nurse cracked up and thought I was hilarious.  Then she explained how some people, when they review the form they will write all over it, I don't want this, this is okay, I don't want a c-section, no fetal monitors, etc, etc, etc..   I thought that was odd and she explained how some people have a very clear idea of how they want their birth and labor experience to go.  She said the problem with that was that most of the time, if someone comes in with a very clear birth plan, that nothing goes according to plan, people get upset and stressed and everything that CAN go wrong WILL go wrong and that they will end up with everything they don't want.

I said "oh."

And then I said "Do you want to hear my birth plan?"   And she said "Sure."

I said:
"I plan on showing up when labor starts and then do what I am told."

She said (with a big smile): "That is a GREAT plan."


Mimi said...

I can't be there, as I was, when YOU were born.. but will be there in spirit.. Luv Ya

Dani said...

Mimi - that's ok, I think I will be very overwhelmed by visitors at that time. Everyone can visit with the baby in due time.

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