Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Conversation Hearts are not the same

Conversation hearts are not the same...and I found proof!  Sort of.

I'll get into that in a minute.

I was able to get to CVS this morning and get my Valentine's Day candy at 50% off.  Yay!  Unfortunately they didn't have any more red cinnamon hearts which is Anthony's favorite.  So I had to get him something else.  I won't write it here, because it's a surprise.  We are going to the movies tonight, so the candy will go great with the movie.  :)   In case you missed it yesterday, Anthony and I are celebrating Valentine's Day today.  Everything is cheaper and less crowded.  We might turn this into a tradition.

We did go to the mall last night though...and it was deserted.  Seriously.  No one was there.  So if you want to go somewhere that isn't crowded on Valentine's Day, head to the mall!  :)

We didn't go to Sam's Club or get laundry done.  We did finish the thank you notes, but we didn't get the photos posted.  We had to go to the mall last night to get Anthony a dress shirt.  That is because yesterday he brought all his shirts to the cleaners to get them professionally cleaned and ironed and pressed.  Then he found out he had a meeting today.  So we went out and bought him a new dress shirt.  Actually we got two.  The prices were so good, we got two.  (Brooks Brothers has 60% off sale going on!)

So a few people might be wondering....for two people who like to save money, why are we getting his dress shirts professionally done?  Well, this is for a couple of reasons.  One, we looked at what our time is worth and how much free time do we have.  Well, our time is worth a lot to us and we don't have a lot of free time.  Especially with all the planning for the baby.    A second reason?  Anthony isn't very good at ironing shirts and I really really really don't like ironing.

So bringing the shirts to the cleaners was almost like a Valentine's Day present for me.  The present part is where he never asked me to iron the shirts for him.  (sweet!  Yes!  thank you babe!)   He did say "besides, you already do all my laundry."   Which is true, but he takes care of my car.  Seems like an even trade to me.

So our night completely changed, but it was still a nice night.  After we left the mall, our car was at an intersection and I saw a sign for Toys R Us.  I got very excited and had to explain to Anthony about Barbie and Ken getting back together and the dolls for only $5. (He didn't read my blog yesterday.)  Guess who then pulled a U-turn so I could go to Toys R Us and get my dolls?  My wonderful husband!  Yay! :)   So I got my Barbie and Ken dolls.

I don't know how long they will be on sale for $5, so go get yours now!  (Retail price looks like $14.99)

So back to the Conversation Hearts and why they are not the same.  Do you remember these from when we were kids?  They were the exact same flavors as the NECCO wafers.   Well, now they are different flavors.  I did some digging around on the NECCO website and got my answers.

The flavors on the conversation hearts USED to be: 
lemon (yellow), orange (orange), lime (green), clove (purple), cinnamon (white), wintergreen (pink), licorice (black) and chocolate (brown)

Now they are:
cherry (pink), banana (yellow), orange (orange), lemon (green), grape (purple) and wintergreen (white)

But even with the new change, there are no white ones.  At least, there were no white ones in the box that I had this morning.  Or the second box.  I threw them out.  Yech.  They had some funky bright blue one instead of white.  All the other "new" colors were there.  I miss the old ones.  I guess from now on, I will just get the old NECCO wafers instead.  They taste way better and they haven't changed the flavors.  

Here is where I found all my information:

And if you want to try the grossest conversation hearts imaginable:
Now, I love Twilight, but these candies are just gross.  Maybe it's my mostly all natural diet, but these things are yuck yuck yuck.  Happy Day-After-Valentine's-Day everyone!   I have a hot date tonight!

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