Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Disney attacks!

I found this article this morning over at Yahoo Finance:

It's about how Disney is starting to market to newborns as early as....well, as soon as they are born.  I thought it was interesting and honestly, my first thought was "COOL!  Free stuff from Disney!".   I looked up my hospital to see if there was a chance we might get a visit from one of these people and we might.
So is it bad if I want free stuff?  :)

I think as long as I know that it is a marketing ploy and that I am not naive to it, I'll be fine.  But it did make me think about how marketing might affect my child.  I remember being a kid and commercials and what my friends had definitely had an influence on what I wanted.  There are a few key things that I specifically remember wanting just because my friends had those things.  It seems silly looking back, but I can still remember the feeling.

In other news, I finally look pregnant to strangers!   This morning a woman who works in my building (but different department, we never interact) asked me when I was due. :)  She said that she had been waiting to ask me until she was sure, but she had been wondering for a couple of weeks.  Considering that the baby is due to arrive in 6 weeks....I think it was safe to say something.  :)   But of course she doesn't know that and she didn't want to ask if I wasn't....because how embarrassing right? 

She had advice for me (of course, everyone does) and her advice was this:  "Don't listen to what everyone else tells you, you will have good instinct and get it on your own."   I liked her advice.

She also told me that she gave birth with drugs and without and she said that without drugs was the better experience.  She said that of course it was painful, but that you forget about it right after.  She said she preferred without drugs because it was a faster labor and that she felt more in control. 

She is the second woman to tell me "try without drugs" who has given birth both ways.  I'm glad to get this advice because that is the direction I had been leaning.  Though I am not opposed to any medical help (or pain relief!) if I feel it's needed.  Or if the doctors and/or nurses tell me to.  After all, these people are the experts, they do this multiple times a day, every day.   I have never done it before.  I think the best thing I can do is to attend the class...then arrive at the hospital when ready and then do what I am told.  Sounds good to me.

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