Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Last night I had my first dream about the baby being a girl.

This dream was completely wacky and vivid (like a lot of my dreams these days) and very...odd.

First off, the baby was HUGE.  There was no way this baby came out of me.  When I appear in this dream, the baby is a few days old and who knows where I was.  Basically I am introduced to the baby with no memory of having given birth to the baby.  And oh yeah, I'm wearing 80's high waisted jeans for some reason.

So this baby is just so big, that it's larger than most children.  And chubby, like a baby should be.  It's monster-size.  And I named her Catalina for some reason.  Totally bizarre.

Don't read into this dream.  Trust me, my other dreams about the baby have been just as wacky.  Including a dream where I somehow traveled inside myself and met the baby while still inside of me.  I was inside myself?!  How does that happen exactly?  Dreams are strange things.

So that makes 4 dreams about the baby being a boy and one about it being a girl and one dream where I didn't know the sex of the baby.  So odd!

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Michelle 'Bumparella' Barraclough said...

I had a lot of dreams during my first pregnancy, not so much with the second, but they were certainly incredibly vivid.

And regarding the name Catalina, maybe you have some kind of psychic connection to Australia as one of our biggest radio/TV celebrities just had a baby and named her . . . you guessed it . . . Catalina! Here's a link

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