Friday, February 04, 2011

I quit kickboxing. :(

Before I explain the title of my post, I just want to share something.

It is so weird when you are sitting down to have your belly touching the tops of your legs.  I just wanted to share that with everyone.  This thing is starting to get in the way.  I'm having trouble putting on shoes and socks, bending over feels like a fitness routine!

Okay, on to explain why I quit kickboxing.
There were actually a few reasons for quitting though I hope to return to it someday.  I don't want to give up entirely.  And I need to still get in plenty of exercise between now and when the baby arrives.  It looks like I will need to visit the condo and use the gym!

So...Number One reason I quit.  Well, it's getting hard! :)  I can't keep up like I used to.  I can't hold the pads for anyone kicking.  I lose my breath and have to take lots of breaks.  While I still need to exercise, kickboxing and the cardio and pushups and situps and everything that goes with it is just getting tough.

Number Two reason I quit.  We moved.  We now live 10 minutes further away from the martial arts studio.  It takes 2 hours out of my day to go to class.  It takes me almost 30 minutes to get there (and definitely 30 minutes if there is any traffic) and then class is an hour long. 

Number Three reason I quit.  It wasn't cheap.  We need to re-prioritize our budget and with a baby coming, it was difficult to justify spending that much money on classes that were getting tough and were that far away.

Number Four reason I quit.  Anthony wanted me to.  Now before anyone gets upset with him, I completely understand why he wanted me to.  And were our roles reversed, I would have asked him to quit as well.  I go to kickboxing anywhere from 2-4 times a week.  Which means I come home from work, see him for a few minutes and then I leave for 2 hours.  Then I get home, take a shower and go to bed.  He spends very little time with me.  When I was trying to lose weight, he didn't say anything about it and I think that is because he was trying to be supportive...but with a baby on the way, I need to be home more.

Anthony's new job will have him working from home, which means he will be home with the baby all day while his wife goes off to work.  Then I would come home from work and leave again?  If I was in his position and my husband spent all day away from home and then left again in the evening, I would be VERY upset.  So I understand.

It was very difficult for me to make this decision.  I was hoping to keep going to the class until the baby arrived and then I wouldn't have a choice about going or not.  Instead, I had to make the choice to stop going.  I was crying and upset about it, but I called my sister and she cheered me up.  She also told me that the crying was the pregnancy talking and not me.  I did ask the woman who runs the martial arts studio to send me an email with my options for when I can return.  Maybe I can still attend class once or twice a month.

In the meantime I will be getting to the gym at the condo and will be doing some walking.  I am still going to try and stretch and do a few exercises at home.  My sister volunteered to do some kickboxing with me after the baby arrives and I'm sure my friend TC would as well.  Anthony even promised to do it with me if I showed him what to do.

So I am sad about this, but I knew it was coming and that at some point I would have no choice.  I just didn't expect it to happen so soon.   The catalyst for this decision was the fact that because of snow and buying the new car on Monday, I had already missed two classes this week.  On my way to class last night I got stuck in traffic and I was never going to make it in time.  So I decided that it was time to stop going.  It probably didn't help that Anthony said to me (right before I left): "You should stop going."

I feel a little down in the dumps.  But this weekend has lots to look forward to.  We pick up the new car tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon my sister is going to help me set up the baby's room.  (Pictures coming soon!) Sunday is the SuperBowl and I will be making chili and a friend is making cornbread.  yum!
Sunday is also our nephew's birthday party at a petting zoo event at the DCU center.  So this weekend should hopefully cheer me up and get my mind off of things.

Happy Friday, I hope everyone has a good weekend!

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TC said...

Hey Dani, I'm more than happy to do Kickboxing with you. :)

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