Thursday, February 10, 2011

Random Stuff today

I never realized how big (or fully appreciated) the parking spaces are here at my work until I got a new car.  Instead of worrying about people opening their car doors and hitting my new car, I don't have to think about it at all.  Unless of course someone parks extremely crooked or something.   But no worries!  I heart big parking spaces!

I packed the hospital bag last night.  Well, sort of packed it.  I packed all the stuff we will need for the baby and a few things for myself.  I don't want to put any clothes in the suitcase yet because I don't have too many maternity clothes and I don't want to limit my wardrobe even further.  Everything I have read says that I will still look 5-6 months pregnant after the birth, so I still need to wear maternity clothes.  I think even if I didn't look pregnant after birth I would still wear the maternity pants.  Most. Comfortable. Pants. Ever.  Seriously.  I may never wear normal pants again! :)
I did pack a pink girly outfit (my sister helped pick it out) for the "take home" outfit for the baby.  I also picked a gender neutral outfit as well, JUST in case.  I know the baby is a girl.  But on the off chance we are all wrong, I picked a cute duck outfit that came from my mom.   I also packed some burping cloths/blankets so I can make sure the baby gets to lay in it and then I will have someone take it to Oscar so he can get used to the baby smell before the baby comes home.

Last night I let him sniff everything I put into the suitcase and I let him sniff the car seat as well.  He does like to sniff stuff.  And on occasion he licks it too.  Okay, so most of the time he sniffs and he licks.  He just needs to test it to see if it's food, that's all. :)   The only thing I haven't let him sniff is the new stuffed animals for the baby.  I need to take the time to teach Oscar that they are not his toys.  I have a method that works well for him, I just need to do it.  I think I will save that for another readers may find that post pretty hilarious.  Especially if I can include some pictures....

Speaking of pictures...I am going to try and get some posted VERY soon.  I promise.  I might even do it over the weekend where I will have a little more time.  So why didn't I have time last night?  Because my husband and I went out to eat at a nice restaurant which was great. :)  But then we came home and got to work.  For him that meant his second job (which will become his primary job in another 48 hours) and for me that meant baby stuff.  So I packed the suitcase for the hospital and I wrote some more thank you notes for the baby shower.

So this morning was the first time I was able to really take a good look at one of my presents from Christmas.  It just arrived to me last weekend, so it isn't like I have been THAT busy.  Okay, yes I have.  But anyway, I got "Computer Engineer Barbie" from my parents for Christmas.  That is because I am also a "Computer Engineer" and I just love Barbie.  I need to track down where she got her outfit because I want to recreate it.  I even want to get some fake pink square eye glasses like she has too. :)   She's pretty cool.
Here is a link to her information if you want to check it out:  Computer Engineer Barbie

I brought her to work so I could show her off to all of my male co-workers. :)  So far, I think they are impressed.  Or they are really good at faking enthusiasm.  :)   I was thinking about teasing my boss that I need a pink iPhone because Barbie has one.   But I don't think the iPhones come in pink.  Do they?
***Dani Does Google Search***

Okay, I didn't find a real one, but they have fake ones and iPhones that you can have custom painted.  Honestly, I don't think I really want an iPhone.  And if I did get one, I might not want pink.  But my sister would!  haha.  Actually....I bet having a hot pink phone makes it a lot easier to find in your purse....

Next phone will be lime green!

And back to Barbie news.  Did you know that Barbie and Ken broke up back in 2004?  I did, but that is because I am a toy nut and I love Barbie.  Have you heard that Ken is trying to win Barbie back?  She has been dating Blaine, some surfer guy.

Check out this article on Ken trying to win back Barbie:

And you can help Barbie decide if she should take him back:

And I am not on that evil website facebook, but there are of course facebook pages for both Barbie and Ken as well.  Ken has updated his look, you can go check it out on your own.  I refuse to link to that f-book website.  F-Book.  Sounds kinda like an Apple product.  Interesting....

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Filippa Sartini said...

Hi Dani, I love big parking spaces too! We’re totally on the same boat! Last year, I went to France and was stunned by how two French men fought over a parking space. It was definitely not a good sight. This is quite an issue. By the way, how’s your baby girl now? =)

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