Friday, February 11, 2011

Some alien took over my sister's body.

My sister had two status messages today that just really threw me off guard.  I think an alien being has taken over her body.   Who are you and what did you do to my sister?  Now I'm not saying these changes or differences are bad, they are just very, very odd.

First status message:
"Yea my shirt says Ravenclaw....what about it? ;)"

This is just totally awesome, because it's a Harry Potter thing, and I love Harry Potter.  When we were on vacation in Florida, I decided that she would be in Ravenclaw because she was so smart.   When we were at the Harry Potter Wizarding World, we saw a blue t-shirt that said Ravenclaw and my parent's bought it for her.
It's really cute, looks great on her and well, it suits her.

But still, it was odd for my sister to announce her Harry Potter geek-ness.  I love it.  :)

Second status message:
"I joined a book club...  hahaha."

WHA??!?  My sister doesn't like to read!  Well, until last year she didn't anyway.  During one of my many Harry Potter movie marathon parties, we (all my Harry Potter-loving friends and I) convinced her that she was missing so much by only viewing the movies and not reading the books.  Since she didn't like to read, we convinced her to start listening to them on CD.  Which she did, and she loved it.  But she ended up reading the last book because she wasn't able to listen to the CD for some reason...and then she flew through the book and loved it.  She ended up picking up a novel from one of her favorite celebrities and loved that book as well.  Then she went on to read the whole series.  So now she reads.  Maybe.  She knows she likes non-fiction and the young adult stuff that she has read so far.   I can't wait to recommend books to her, since young adult is probably my favorite genre to read.  (And hopefully someday write.)

So it's like some alien took over my sister.

Oh wait.  There is a third status message:
"I joined a book club...  hahaha...and bought a Kindle."

Really?!  My SISTER bought a Kindle before I did?  A book lover?  A hopeful future writer?  Book crazy, can't put them down, starts reading when I should be cleaning book lover?   Whoa.  It's like the world just turned flip upside down.

But secretly...this is so cool.  Now I have something in common with my sister that we have never had in common before.  :)  Maybe she will start recommending books to ME.  Now that will be crazy.   :)


Justin said...

I'm not sure I am capable of believing such a dramatic alteration in the space-time continuum.

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