Tuesday, February 01, 2011

....still so tired.

I'm still very tired.  And I am starting to get sick of snow.  I think we have like 6 feet of it.  Or something like that.   And I even like the snow!  At this rate, we will still have melting piles of snow in June.

The reason I am tired?  I was up late last night.  I didn't get to make up for being tired the day before.  That is because we went to another car dealership.  And guess what?  We had a very good experience.  So good, that we bought a new vehicle last night.

Right away I knew this visit was going to be better than other dealers.  We immediately talked about what kind of vehicle we wanted.  We talked about a 2010 vs 2011.  We got the salesman's opinion on what the better deal was (and we agreed with him).  Then we started talking final price of the vehicle.

We didn't talk about trade-in.  Though he did ask if we had a vehicle for trade and we said "nah, you don't want it." But we still told him about it and he said "you are right, I don't want it, sell it yourself, it will be worth more to you."  We didn't talk about monthly payments or how much we could afford.  We didn't talk about financing at all.  He didn't even ask how much we were going to put down.  All he discussed was the price.

It was awesome.  My guess is that he could tell what kind of buyer we were and it was 7pm on the last day of the month....let's skip all the crap and get right to a deal.  Worked for us!

Anthony was our negotiator.  He gave a ridiculously low offer which cracked up our sales guy.  He had a good sense of humor but told us honestly that if we couldn't get closer to his price, we were going to part that night, but we would part as friends.  He was nice.  So they went back and forth.  Anthony asked for some all weather floor mats.  Then the sales guy went to chat with his manager.  The manager came back and at this point I needed to go to the bathroom.  (argh!  pregnancy!)  By the time I came back from the bathroom, Anthony and the Sales Manager had made a deal and we were going out to the lot to pick which car we wanted.

That was the other thing, we didn't go pick a car, fall in love with it and then decide a price.  We picked a price that we were willing to pay for a specific year and model and THEN we went to pick a car.  They had around 6 I think in what we were looking for.

The whole thing took about 30 - 40 minutes.  Not bad at all.

Of course....then there was the Business Manager who had to offer us all the "extras".  Our sales guy told us ahead of time what deals the Business Manager would be telling us about, and basically we said no to everything.  We did at least listen to all the speeches, nodded politely where necessary and then said "No thank you."  We did almost bite on one thing...but after playing with the calculator and doing some math, we discovered it was not a benefit to us at all.  So we said no.  But the funniest part about that?  They had this dollar amount called "Depreciation Value" and Anthony took the Business Manager's pen and wrote next to it: "Magic".  Because basically it was a made up number.  It cracked me up.  I'm not sure the Business Manager was amused.  But he did eventually give up.  And then tried to make us feel guilty ("this is how I feed my kids") and we did feel a little guilty.  But only after we were driving home and had signed some paperwork did we admit that.

Overall, it was a great experience.  All parties did a great job.  When I get the survey to fill out, I want to give them all top marks.  And I do want to write that though we didn't buy any of those extra options with the Business Manager, he did a great job explaining and worked VERY hard to sell it to us.  I want to make sure he can get some bonus points with his boss.  After all, it isn't his fault that Anthony and I are incredibly stubborn.  :)

Are you in the market?  Want to know the name of the dealer?  Send me a message and I will give you all the details.

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