Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I <3 Valentine's Day.  Or I heart Valentine's Day.  Or how about just "I LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY!".

So have I had anything special happen to me today to love this holiday?  Nope.  Don't need it.  Everything around me gets to be special and I just soak it in.   I have always loved this holiday.  I have never felt anti- Valentine's Day.   If I have ever been anti-Valentine's Day and you can remember it, please tell me about it.  I can't remember.  Must be because I love it so much now.

Plus the whole pregnancy hormones and I'm just feeling all kinds of mushy gushy stuff today.  :)

What do I love about Valentine's Day?  The hearts, the flowers, the pinks and reds, the candy, the valentines, the cards, the movies, the WHOLE BIT.   And then the world got to add some bonuses to my holiday.

Example #1:
Angry Birds Valentine's Day Edition:  Hogs and Kisses.  I keep claiming I don't want a new cell phone...but maybe now that there is a Valentine's Day edition of one of the most addicting games on the planet, I finally need a Droid or an iPhone.  All so I can play Angry Birds: Hogs and Kisses.  

Example #2:
BARBIE AND KEN ARE BACK TOGETHER!!!  You may have seen my post from last week, about Ken trying to win back Barbie.  Well, it worked, they are back together. 
You can read about it here:

And you can buy the dolls that commemorate the occastion (for only $5):

I must get out to a Toys R Us right away!  Which makes the second toy in two days that I want.  I'll maybe post about the second one tomorrow if I get one.  We shall see.

So what are my Valentine's Day plans?  Well, I plan on getting some laundry done.  Probably just one load, but it's a start.  I also need to go to Sam's Club.  And finish the thank you notes from the baby shower.  And oh yeah, post some photos of the baby shower and the baby stuff.

Doesn't that sound romantic?  haha.  Anthony and I are actually celebrating tomorrow.  We are going out to eat (pizza!  My favorite) and then we are going to see the new Adam Sandler movie during the theatre's bargain Tuesdays.  Tickets are only $6!  What a deal!  Plus the movie theatre will likely be less crowded than it would be tonight. 

AND tomorrow....I get to go look for all the Valentine's Day candy at 50% off!  Whoo hoo!  I want some conversation hearts. :)   So we are skipping the celebration today, and celebrating tomorrow.  This might have to be a new tradition....everything should be cheaper.  :)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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