Thursday, March 10, 2011

American Idol

short post today.

I watched American Idol for the first time ever last night.  I did this because I wanted to see one particular person sing, I think he has an amazing voice.  (I do like those deep singing voices, especially for country tunes)

However, I don't think I can watch this show again.  I HATE listening to the judges.  This show was two hours long and I barely got to hear the contestants sing.  I don't get it, I would rather have less chatter from the host and judges and more singing by the contestants.

So that's it for my post today.  I watched American Idol.  I still don't like it.


Chris said...

Another reason I gave up about 3 seasons ago. I feel that there is too much on getting the ratings up(duh), and not enough quality singing. Now that Simon has left, I really don't see the show being as popular, although you never know...

Dani said...

I have heard that Steven Tyler is hilarious, but I just had so little patience for the chatter.

My cousin said I was watching it all wrong. She said I need to record it and fast-forward through the judges and just listen to the singing. :)

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