Friday, March 04, 2011

Anonymous Driver on the Road

Someone commented on my blog this morning, they were referring to my "rant" the other day about health insurance.  Funny thing is, I could go on again about that today.

But instead, I want to keep today's post nice and light.

I have discovered that I am now nearly invisible on the road.  Or anonymous.  Nobody knows who I am anymore.  See,  I used to drive this bright yellow Chevy.  It was cute and sporty.  There weren't too many like it on the road, so if you saw one in an area where I was, chances were, it was me.  Now I drive a blue SUV that looks like everyone else.

This morning I was driving down the road to work.  (really it was a major highway)  I checked my rear view mirror and I saw a silver car that was the same make as my sisters.  I wondered briefly to myself if she had a sunroof because this car did as well.   Then I noticed the driver looked like a cute blonde.  My sister just so happens to be a cute blonde.  My sister also takes the same route as I do for work most of the time, so it isn't unusual for us to be on the road at the same time.

I decided to change lanes to give the driver a chance to pull up next to me.  As I did I noticed her license plate and recognizing a few letters, I was pretty sure it was her.   As the driver pulled up next to me, completely ignoring me (good job keeping your eyes on the road,  I probably should have done the same!) I realized that it WAS my sister.  I grinned like an idiot and waved.

She kept ignoring me and then passed me.

So I called her cell phone.  She cheerfully answered and I said "You don't know my car on the road anymore!" and she responded with "Oh!  Can you see me?  Where are you?"

I told her that she had just passed me and she said "oh yeah, I didn't realize that was you at all, all I knew was that there was an SUV in front of me with tinted windows and I hate that!"

We both thought it was pretty funny.

And I decided that if the weather is nice this weekend, I am going to ask my husband to put that sticker on my car.  We purchased a sticker for my car.  The one sticker it will have.  We got it to match the sticker on his car.   I'd give you a few more details about our cars and the stickers, but I wouldn't want anyone to recognize me.

I kinda like being an Anonymous Driver.

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Marybeth @ AlarmClockWars said...

Would you believe I used to see Mick on route 80 on the way into Boston at least once a week when I drove in for vet school? Of all the chances...

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