Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bed Rest and No Longer Working

Hey everyone -

Sorry about no post yesterday.  I have been ordered to bed rest and typing is difficult.  This is because bed rest for me doesn't mean lounging around propped up with pillows.  It means I have to lay horizontal on my side.  Which makes doing things difficult.  Like typing.  Ever try to prop a laptop sideways?  It isn't easy!

So I will try to keep updating as much as I can, but the posts may get sparse as I get closer to delivery time.

My appointment last Friday showed I had elevated blood pressure.  This was only while I was sitting up.  If I lie down, the blood pressure goes back to normal.  This can be a sign of toxemia. (Definition can be found here.)   We went through the whole normal visit and basically decided that my body still was showing no signs of being ready for labor, but the elevated blood pressure was a concern.  My doctor had me lie on my side, and my blood pressure went right back to normal.  So she told me I could go to work that day, but that I was to be on bed rest all weekend and to prepare my boss that I might be done working.   I got bloodwork done to test for toxemia.

My next appointment was for Monday where we would see if Friday's blood pressure problem was just a fluke.

Yesterday I had my appointment and my blood pressure was still elevated (exact same issue, vertical, it's high, lying down, it's normal.)  My blood work came back perfect so I do NOT have toxemia.  However, my doctor was concerned about the blood pressure. Basically if the baby looks to be under stress because of the blood pressure, they want to get her out.  So more tests for this morning....Tuesday.   She also ordered me back to bed (weee!) and told me I was done working.

I made phone calls to necessary work people, called family members and went back home to lie on my side.  My hips are killing me!  And I am a little bored.  We don't have cable and Anthony works from home now, so I can't really bug him and watch TV in the living room.

I do want to say this though....he is doing a GREAT job taking care of me.  I am very lucky my husband is a good cook.  The house has stayed relatively clean too...though I am tempted to do some cleaning every time I get up to go to the bathroom.....

So my appointment this morning, my blood pressure is still high when I am sitting up and normal when I am lying down.  Baby's heart rate is great and does what it's supposed to do when she is stimulated (meaning we had to poke my belly to get her to move around).  The ultrasound had a test and she got an 8 out of 8 (perfect score! whiz kid already!) and they made a guess at the baby's weight (they say 7.5 pounds).  We also got to find out she is definitely a she and everything else inside looks great.  Because everything looks great, we do not need to "hurry" and get the baby out.  She is comfortable and my elevated blood pressure doesn't seem to be effecting her at all.

Turns out, we are both very healthy.  Which is great....except have you ever been forced into bed when you were not sick???  yech!  I'm lucky though, this happened to me at the very end.  I feel for women who had to do bed rest their entire pregnancy.  :(

So what's the plan?  Well, after tomorrow, I will be considered "overdue".  My next appointment is Friday, and we will decide then how much longer we will wait or if we will induce next week.

And based upon everything I have posted to take another guess at the baby stats?


Anonymous said...

I sent in a new guess, but I still think it will be the 1st. :) Inducing doesn't even mean you'll go that day. Aunt Kathy

Mimi said...

OK I will change it to the 28th which was the day I enlisted in the Air Force..

Sarah Xavier said...

I finally entered a guess because I read from home and could actually go to the poll :)

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