Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CD Purchase or Digitial Download? Need opinions please. :)

Dani Do It would like to purchase the new Britney Spears Album, Femme Fatale.

However, this turned out to be a lot more complicated than I thought it would.  First off, there are TWO editions of the album.  A regular edition which has 12 songs and a Deluxe (oooooh!) edition that has 4 extra songs. 

I'm not sure if I want the deluxe version or not.  I mean, what if I don't even like those 4 extra songs, is it worth it to pay more for that kind of album?

Then I face my other problem.  Do I purchase this album digitally or not?  No matter what, the songs will go on my iPod and into my iTunes.  So I really don't need the CD.  However, it is the most expensive way to get my music at this moment.  Currently the album is on sale at a few retail locations.

So do I swing over to Target?  Do I get it on Amazon where the price is lower (I do have free shipping due to my "Mom Prime" membership at the moment)?  Or do I just purchase the individual songs that I know I already like on the album?

What to do what to do......

In the past I always bought the entire album of my favorite artists.  But I am trying to cut back on "stuff".  I want to reduce my belongings, not increase them.

So what would you do?  Save a few bucks, buy the CD at a store or Amazon?
Or purchase on iTunes so you don't have extra stuff to lug around?

Or just purchase the few songs you know that you like?

Please leave thoughts in the comments section! :)


Martha Grace said...

Buy it online, you will have it now and can keep it! Your on "bed rest" so no going off to Target for you missy! lol

Dani said...

So you mean buy the CD? And duh, I have tons of people asking to do me favors...I can send someone else to get the CD for me. :)

Chris said...

Physical media is so old school. I say less clutter! iTunes is only $10.99 for the regular version. Though, you could buy the CD and use it as a coaster later on....

Anonymous said...

I am totally old school and plan on buying the CD with the extra tracks on it! (But I am probably the last person on earth who still owns a VCR and am a crazy Britney fan!) I still like to have the cd with the pictures and see whatever design they put on it. And then I can listen to it in my car or at work or where ever I am. I don't always have my iPod in my car with me!

Justin said...

Buy the physical copy. Here's why: when you buy a digital copy you're actually buying a perpetual license to use the copy you download. If your hard disk crashes you are out of luck: you need to re-buy it (there are instances of Apple re-enabling downloads for people with a catastrophic disk failure, but it's not in their normal policy). If you disk dies and you have the CD you can re-rip the CD back onto your new hard disk. Until the RIAA lightens up and lets people have a legitimate online locker the physical media is a better perpetual license to purchase.

Lana said...

Not sure I understand everything Justin said, but I think I translated enough to agree with him. Of course, I do not have an ipod, just a Sandusk thingie, and I am not sure I remember how to "rip" music on to it. May need a refresher course from my niece on that one!

TC said...

I say buy the CD. Digital downloads still aren't full fidelity (they are lower quality). Digital music is better these days now that it's a higher bitrate and doesn't have DRM, but as long as you have a CD as your "master" file, you can output it to any format, bitrate, platform as the digital landscape changes. Once you have a digital version, you can never improve the level of quality you start with.

For me, if I buy an album, I buy it physically. When I just want a single or "gotta have it now" I buy it digitally; at that point the distribution method is more important than the quality.

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