Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This post may not be popular.  I usually like to keep my ramblings nice and fun.  However, I am starting to get annoyed with some of the "Send Japan money now!" stuff I am seeing over the web.  I almost titled this post "Japan Doesn't Need Your Money" but then I found an article that already says it.  And says things in a much more eloquent manner than I could.

Here is the article here:

Want some more information about how the earthquake and tsunami may impact us here?

Basically, here is my opinion.  Japan is not a third world country.  They are quite successful.  In fact, the good ol' USA owes Japan money.  I think in the billions.  I think it's great that we have the man power and resources to help them out at this time, but I would hope that some government official somewhere is tallying the cost to our country to send them help.  And I believe that total cost should come off the top of what we owe to Japan.

We scratch their back, they scratch ours.  It makes sense to me.   I am definitely not saying that we shouldn't help.  Japan is a great country and a strong ally.  I am just saying that we need to be fair and make sure we are not taken advantage of.

I'm curious, does anyone know....when we have a disaster here, does any other country send their people and supplies and resources to help us out?   If they owe us money, do we take that off the top?

Maybe I seem cold.  Maybe I seem unsympathetic....but I believe in taking care of the people at home before we take care of other countries.  I would rather see the homeless off the streets in my neighboring city.  That is where I would like to donate my hard-earned income.

I did not donate to Japan.  I did not donate to Haiti.  I did not donate to any other country.

I have donated to the American Red Cross when Katrina hit our country.
Start here, fix us, then help others.

If we have the resources to help others, great. But we owe Japan a lot of money. 

Bottom line is...if you are going to donate, make sure you donate in a way that is helpful and doesn't rebuild mansions (see the first article).

Regardless of my stance on donations, I send well wishes to the people of Japan.  I do feel badly when natural disasters hit anyone.  (Mother Earth trying to give us a hint?  Everyone recycle! hug a tree!)

Ok, end of serious and potentially polarizing post.  I promise tomorrow will be more fun.

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