Monday, March 07, 2011

E-Reader or not to e-reader...that is the question!

The weather didn't cooperate this weekend, so I didn't get a sticker put on my car yet.  But hopefully sometime soon.  When I woke up this morning it was 54 degrees outside, nice and balmy!  (but raining)  Now I hear it's in the 30's and it's going to be in the teens tonight.  Brrrr!

On to our topic of the day!  I am resistant to technology.  Coming from a tech geek and computer support person like myself, this would definitely seem strange.  But for me, it's about waiting for that perfect item to come along.  Something that will combine everything I need into one device.

We are starting to get close.  But that's another topic for another day.

One type of technology that I have been really resisting is an e-reader.  I love my books.  I like the smell of the paper and the feeling of holding one in my hand.   My sister (who doesn't read!) got an e-reader before I did.  This is how resistant I am to this.  And I read 2-3 books a week easily (when I am trying).

I also have a large book collection.  I have a collection of books at my parents house and I have a collection that lives with me as well.  With the addition of a baby and the need to share our space, Anthony and I are trying to purge some of our belongings.  An obvious place to start would be my large book collection.  (And my toy collection, but I'll post about that another day.)  The books take up a lot of space.  And they are very heavy (something to consider when moving!).  Even though I collect a lot of books by my favorite authors, I usually only read some of them once.  On occasion I have re-read a few and there are a few rare ones that I will re-read over and over again.  So last night I started sorting through the books.  This was incredibly difficult for me.  It was emotional.  I didn't want to let go of my stuff.  It did make it a little easier to tell myself that I was simply sorting them into a yard sale pile and wasn't going to be getting rid of them right away.

But seriously, I have an emotional attachment to my books!

I mentioned to Anthony how hard it was for me to sort through my books and just choose my favorites to keep.  I forget which one of us said this next (baby brain!) but then the following statement was made:  "You know, if you had an e-reader, you could keep all of your books and they would be very easy to move and wouldn't take up any space."

And it occurred to me, I want to keep all my books and maybe I can do it with an e-reader.  I just wish there was a way I could transfer all my books to my e-reader without having to buy them all over again!

So maybe....just maybe,  I am considering an e-reader. 

I would love recommendations, please leave your ideas in the comments. :)


Mimi said...

I am enjoying mine.. the KINDLE.. But I do underdstand the reluctance to part with old "Friends". Many of the Classics can be had for FREE..
Before the Kindle, I downloaded books to my mini laptop.. basically so I could "take books with me" on vacation, etc. This is much more convenient.. and lighter weight..

Ronja said...

I love my Kindle as well. I have some friends with the Nook Color and they love it. The Nook has more access to web applications, but has a similar screen to laptops and cell phones that can strain your eyes in low lighting. Also the Nook is difficult to read in sunlight for the same reason.

I don't recommend the iPad as an e-reader because it is large and designed to do much more then just read.

I think you would love the Kindle (the more expensive model will let you download books anywhere not just when connected to the internet). The Kindle screen is very similar to a book page in the color and style. It is impossible to read in low light though, so I recommend a case like the one I have.

If you check out you can compare them side by side plus lots of reviews.

TC said...

I'm with you Dani. I love my books (my collection fills a 6 foot x 5 foot set of shelves in my bedroom). I love everything about a good book, the feel of it, the smell of it, how it sits in your hands as you relax while reading it, the feeling of turning the page, the weigth of it in your hand. For me reading is an experience. A good book is consumed, not read.

For all of those reasons, I have resisted any kind of digital reader. That said I do a ton of reading digitally by nature of my job (email, PDF documentation, online articles, etc). I'm also a geek who's wanted a PADD-like device (star trek reference) all my life.

I got a Kindle for Christmas, and while I haven't used it a ton, I have enjoyed the times I have read off of it. It's designed well, it sits well in your hand and unlike a computer screen (or phone or iPad screen) it's digital paper so it feels like paper and works like paper. This means that you can read it in the brightest sunlight, but that you need a reading light in the dark. It doesn't strain your eyes to read it.

I've made a deal with myself. There are certain books I know I will cherish and read over and over. For those I will buy the hardcover and have it in my collection. For read-once softcovers or for more educational/information books, I'll buy them on the Kindle.

My remaining issues with eReaders (and you'll see that these are pretty much all based on a similar theme):
1) The book is no longer yours. Amazon (or Apple, Barnes and Noble, or any eBook provider) can yank it from your account at any time.
2) Proprietary book format. I'd like to be able to archive my eBooks just like my MP3 music files and move it to whatever reader I want at any time
3) You can't share it easily. Kindle and Nook both have "lending" options, but they are still working out the methods of this.

Overall, I endorse the Kindle as the best on the market at the moment. If you want to go with the Nook, don't get the color as it is just a iPad style Android-based tablet.

Anonymous said...

Here's ONE good reason to get an e-reader of some sort, "FINAL VECTOR" is only being released in E-reader format!

I'm sure that there will be other books also, that will only be released in this new electronic format. It is MUCH cheaper for the publishers!!

I think an avid reader needs both, in their lives, books and a kindle! Go for it! Mom

Dani said...

I think I like that idea. An e-reader and some books. I know a lot of my collection isn't available in an e-reader format at this moment in time. :(

Although one of my favorite authors, Christopher Pike, has re-released a lot of his older books, maybe they are now available in an e-reader format.


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