Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Kick Butts Day!

While wasting away my morning on the internet, I found the most interesting things.

If you are a blogger....THANK YOU FOR WRITING!   This is a great form of entertainment, especially if it opens my eyes to new things.

On one blog I read about this group that recently performed in Boston.  I tried really hard to listen to this music group, Crystal Castles, but I'm not sure yet.  It's odd sort of electric-sounding music.  The first song I listened to I really didn't like, but I am glad I checked out a few of the other videos.  We shall see.

But I mean, the name of the group is CRYSTAL CASTLES!  That is where She-Ra lives.  I had to check it out.  (there is still a part of me that wants to be She-Ra when I grow up.)

On msn today I found a link to a search about Kick Butts Day.  This was interesting, who doesn't want to kick some butt?   But it wasn't the kind of kicking butt I thought it would be.
Here is the link:

Apparently it's for those who are trying to quit smoking.  So if you are trying, good luck!  Keep it up.  If you have been successful, Happy Kick Butts day to you!

Did you know it's also Chip and Dip Day?  That sounds more fun to me...though I don't really eat chips and dips.  But some tortilla chips and guacamole sound good right about now....Anyone want to visit me and bring some? hehe.

Actually in all seriousness, Anthony has to meet a client for work tonight and I wouldn't mind some entertainment.  I was thinking about watching Eclipse.  I got it for Christmas and haven't watched it yet, that might be a good thing for tonight.

Want some more entertainment? I love Disney movies and my sister sent me a link to this youtube video:

This guy is very talented!  I do love me some Disney and some talented vocal stylings!
Here is his website:

Check out his Halloween Costume:

And that's it for today.  My sister brought me some DVD's to watch, so I am going to start those up this afternoon.  If I get bored, I may get back on the interwebs and find some more interesting things for you.

Oops, one more.  :)  Check out Alarm Clock War's blog, kitty naptime!

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Lana said...

Look at how much you learned today! DOn't get too bored! Hang in there!

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