Thursday, March 24, 2011

Internet....what a great time waster!

I have successfully wasted most of my day on the internet.  On a normal day...this would be a bad thing.  On day 5 of bed rest, this is great!  It could take me a while to run out of internet....

But I have also done some reviewing of my birth and labor materials and I was able to help Anthony out with something too, so the day hasn't been completely a waste of time.  And in fact, this morning, I was inspired to do something really good.  Something for charity actually.  I have never before participated in something like this, but this one actually hits close to home for me and it seems like a great idea.  Now that I have my own child on the way, perspectives change, know what I mean?

Now at this point you are wondering what I am talking about.  More information tomorrow!  (or later today)
I will be shamelessly plugging my charitable efforts via email to my friends and family and possibly on my blog as well.  At the very least, I will let you all know what it is tomorrow.

Then I can feel like this bed rest wasn't a complete waste of time!


Chris said...

Good for you Dani! By the way, I know you can't resist a challenge.... I challenge you to surf the entire internet by the time you come back to work! :D

Justin said...

I remember the time when it was actually possible to surf the entire internet. :-)

Dani said...

HA! Once the baby arrives I am sure I will not have time to browse the internet.

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